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first_imgStay on target “Judas comes face-to-face with Satan, and the Great Adversary begins to win him over.”JUDAS #2 (W): Jeff Loveness (A): Jakub Rebelka (L): Colin Bell (CA): Jakub RebelkaIn Judas #1, readers are introduced to Judas, the man behind the legend and his lingering questions over the right and wrong of following Jesus. We enter Judas #2 just as Judas comes face to face with the voice that was guided him to betray him. Jeff Loveness continues to craft a narrative that morally has us questioning information we take in. Loveness writes such a beautifully tragic story that, religious or not, everyone should have the pleasure of reading. Judas gives a juxtaposition of two tales: Jesus (& God, they’re kind of on the same side) and Satan but told through Judas as a middleman.via BOOM! StudiosJudas #2 very much gives and allows for conversation that makes you think. This comic tells familiar stories from a different perspective. You’re placed right in the middle with Judas, not knowing who to believe, what to accept or what to do. Loveness lets us know that we’re on this journey as much as Judas is but makes you question Satan’s intentions and his truth.Loveness laces this story within a story as well. He brings verses from the Bible to hit meaningful notes, but the strength in all of this comes from the characters. Satan tells Judas of how biblical stories of heroes and villains are constructed. There must always be a villain (or person who disobeys). There must be someone who was “cast aside” and sent below when they’re of no more use. Their story is done. It’s not only unusual to see this but interesting to see it from a different position. Loveness plays up the good and bad, the right and wrong and the morality.via BOOM! StudiosLoveness not only writes strong characters but genuine conversational and flourishing dialogue from characters we THINK we know. He’s always surprising us and turning us around in different directions. This is what makes the unreliable truth of this comic so well-written.Jakub Rebelka’s art is like mosaic masterpieces. He creates stunning stained glass-like creations. This not only speaks to the biblical and religious tone of the comic but the setting itself. He creates a different kind of abstract in this world. Rebelka’s art fills the panels with symbolism and meaning. Creating something outstanding with his art where each panel is its own work of art.His colors only enhance the experience within the comic. I like the different type of “hell” than we’re seeing. We’re so used to fire and brimstone. We get that in flashbacks, but this hell is cool, moody blues that almost depress you. He counters this with harsh red and oranges between the story within a story we’re reading. Rebelka does an incredible job enhancing Loveness’ narrative to even more of heightened depth that creates something rare and unique.via BOOM! StudiosFinally, Colin Bell, as always, slays the placement, easily allowing your eyes to move along as the story is told. I always find myself paying attention to lettering while a specific character tells a story, especially them taking up a crux of the story. Bell makes his lettering known clearly tells the story. He never overshadows the art. He breaks the dialogue up so you soak in the art, but also lean into the lettering to devour the story instead of just passing it by.Judas #2 continues to be a complex, fascinating story with stunning visuals and characters that leave you wanting more. I can’t wait to see what else comes into this comic because the last page introduces us to an old friend. Judas #2 is now available on Comixology and your local comic shop.01/10/18 Releases – In addition to Judas #2, here’s a list of other new titles that came out this week that you should be reading.Jem & The Holograms: Infinite TPB by Kelly Thompson (W), Stacey Lee, Jen Hickman, Jenn St-Onge (A), Sarah Stern, Jen Hickman, M. Victoria Robado (LL), Sarah Stern, M. Victoria Robado, Brittany Peer (C), Shawn Lee (L, CA) IDWRocko’s Modern Life #2 by Ryan Ferrier (W) Ian McGinty (A), Fred C. Stresing (C), Jim Campbell (L) BOOM! StudiosLimbo Longue by Dave Calver (W) Top Shelf/IDW Curse Words Vol 2: Explosiontown by Charles Soule & Ryan Browne (C + W) Addison Duke & Ryan Browne (W), Chris Crank (L) Image ComicsLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Buy This Comic: DEATH ORB #1Buy This Comic: MAN-EATERS #1 last_img read more