Which game companies could be using slave labor?

first_imgWhich game companies could be using slave labor?Conflict mineral disclosures show Sony is lax about where/how it gets its materials, while Apple sets the standard for maintaining an ethical supply chainRebekah ValentineSenior Staff WriterWednesday 27th June 2018Share this article Recommend Tweet ShareEarlier this month, publicly traded companies in the United States filed reports on their use of conflict minerals with the Securities and Exchange Commission. This included companies that manufacture electronics and gaming hardware, products that use certain minerals found abundantly in conflict zones in Africa that may have been mined and sold to fund said conflict.We’ve covered conflict minerals in past years and found that generally, since reporting laws were put in place, major companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Activision, Facebook, and Sony have done their part to reduce or eliminate the chances that your Oculus Rift or Skylanders figurine was partially the product of and/or financed a human rights violation. The 2017 reports show a mostly steady continuation of conflict-free sourcing, though with a bit of backsliding on the reporting aspects from a few companies.What are conflict minerals?Conflict minerals is a blanket term for minerals mined in conflict zones around the world that are then sold to fund continued fighting. These minerals are a source of concern not only due to the potential to fund armed conflict, but also due to frequent human rights abuses perpetuated as a part of the mining process (slave labor among them) and as a result of the conflict itself. The four most common of these–tin, tungsten, tantalum, and gold–are collectively referred to as 3TG and are present in many items we purchase regularly, including electronics such as gaming hardware.High demand for these minerals necessitates mining operations all over the world, but a large quantity of these minerals (especially gold) can be found in and around the Democratic Republic of Congo. There, many mining operations are run by armed factions using slave labor to produce the minerals, which are then sold to fund continued conflict in the region.Given that it would be virtually impossible for your average person buying an Xbox One to determine if some part of it had funded armed conflict in Africa, the responsibility to ensure ethical sourcing falls on the companies manufacturing these products. This can be a tricky business, as supply chains have multiple layers: companies get these products from suppliers, who in turn acquire them from smelters or refiners (SORs). Those SORs historically haven’t always responded to their clients’ inquiries (usually via surveys) asking them where the minerals came from, and will sometimes ignore or refuse third-party audits that would certify them (or not) to be conflict-free.Whether or not to work with suppliers using SORs that are not certified or unresponsive is entirely at the discretion of the companies, but legally they must make good-faith efforts to determine the sourcing and report on their findings. In the United States, this information is required to be reported annually under regulations imposed by the Dodd-Frank Act. Similar regulations will take effect in the EU in 2021.What’s going on with Dodd-Frank?The Dodd-Frank Act is a many-faceted thing, but one of its components requires publicly traded US companies to file a report each year detailing, to the best of their knowledge, the status of their supply chains and the sourcing of those minerals.If the name “Dodd-Frank” is setting off alarm bells, you don’t have anything to worry about (at least as far as conflict minerals are concerned) just yet. Earlier this year, the US Senate passed the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act, which negated some portions of Dodd-Frank and exempted certain US banks from its regulations. Though a total repeal of Dodd-Frank was discussed at the time, the conflict minerals reporting requirements remain in place for now.So, how is the gaming industry doing on conflict minerals?Our investigation of past conflict minerals reports encompassed Microsoft, Activision-Blizzard, Apple, Facebook (Oculus products), and Sony. We also have covered Nintendo’s public disclosures on conflict minerals, though since it is not publicly traded in the US, it isn’t required to file the report. Checking back in with these companies for 2017, it seems as though most are holding steady on their past improvements ensuring that all or almost all of their suppliers are verifiably sourcing minerals from ethical SORs.AppleApple is easily the best of the lot, and worthy of commendation for an abrupt initial turnaround and consistency ever since. In 2014, only 135 of its 225 SORs were certified as conflict-free. The following year, of 242 SORs, every single one participated in the survey and was certified as conflict-free. The company’s 100% survey completion continued into 2017 for a third year running, with 250 suppliers responding. In fact, last year Apple simply removed 10 suppliers who refused to participate in a third-party audit by a given deadline.The results of those audits were equally positive. Of the 40 SORs sourcing 3TGs in or near the Democratic Republic of Congo, audits did not find any to have directly or indirectly benefited armed groups.Apple’s stellar record for three years running caused it to be named the world’s top company for responsible sourcing of conflict minerals by the Enough Project, a non-profit that works to put a stop to conflict and human rights violations in Africa’s conflict zones. Apple scored an impressive 102% on Enough’s assessment, garnering bonus points for donations made to the Conflict Free Smelter Program Initial Audit Fund, and for going above and beyond following up on reports of possible human rights violations within its own supply chain.Image Credit: Enough ProjectAccording to the survey, Apple ensured such reports were investigated, monitored, and addressed through measures such as arresting and prosecuting violators, repaying miners or their families for damages, closing mines, and making changes to ensure miner health and safety. As we’ll see, some other gaming companies did not do quite so well in the rankings.FacebookFacebook follows Apple in the realm of pleasant news. Last year was the first year the company filed a report with the launch of Oculus products, and in that first year, a near-perfect 134 of its 135 SORs were certified to be conflict-free. Its one remaining operation was in the process of being certified.One year later and with an increased 192 SORs to keep track of, all reported back and were certified conflict-free. Though Facebook has an excellent track record so far, it was not included in Enough’s rankings, which only span the 20 companies from consumer electronics and jewelry that are the largest end-users of 3TGs.Activision BlizzardActivision Blizzard’s electronics production operations have shrunk considerably lately, which makes it all the more frustrating to see it stumble ever since it managed to fully identify its entire chain of 16 suppliers in 2014. In 2017, the company sent out a survey to 10 suppliers it identified as possibly using 3TGs in its products. Nine were returned; Activision Blizzard was unable to confirm whether or not the 10th uses 3TGs at all, much less the origins if it does.Of the nine suppliers who replied, two were identified as using 3TGs for products such as Skylanders, certain Destiny electronic products, and BlizzCon pins in 2017. The two suppliers combined to identify three SORs providing the 3TGs for the company. At the time of the filing, all three were certified compliant. However, Activision Blizzard’s report notes that in March of 2018, one of the refiners had its certification lapse and its renewal status is now unknown. How that particular wrinkle will shake out likely won’t be apparent until next year’s report.MicrosoftMicrosoft’s supply chain is one of the largest and most complex of any that we report on, which complicates their task while simultaneously making it far more crucial for them to get it right. Last year, Microsoft had a 99% survey return from its 252 suppliers, with 249 of its 303 SORs certified conflict free. Not bad; better than previous years, but there was still room for improvement. So how did it do in 2017?Survey return was down, for one, but only to 98% so it’s not a heinous falloff even if not ideal. That said, Microsoft didn’t move much in terms of conflict-free sourcing. Of 306 SORs (three more than last year), only 252 were certified conflict-free (also three more than last year). Essentially, nothing has changed.Earlier, we mentioned Enough’s company rankings for ethical sourcing of conflict minerals. It’s a testament to the status of current conflict mineral sourcing that Microsoft’s lack of movement in 2017 still netted it a spot in the “best” column, albeit near the bottom with a score of 61% on Enough’s survey.SonySony continued a frustrating trend from previous years of providing very vague information on all counts, including a refusal to say how many of its surveys were actually completed and returned. This trend that is even more exasperating when you look at its due diligence report. The company mentions that its survey response was improved from previous years, though we have no idea by how much or what that actually means. However, Sony did tell Enough that it had a survey return rate this year between 80% and 89%.Though every company has such a report as part of their filing in which it lists the known risks involved with the survey, Sony’s was by far the busiest list, including acknowledgments of its suppliers’ “failure to adopt a conflict-free sourcing policy” and its own “failure to encourage SORs to participate” in the certification process. Sony does list a plan for remediation in its report that includes measures such as cancelling contracts of non-compliant suppliers or gradually ending business relationships, but based on the wording of the report, it has only gone so far as to contemplate these measures in the last few years.The only direct action the report reveals Sony has taken is to send a letter to the suppliers to ask them to become compliant and complete the survey. Sony says that this has improved the return rate of surveys (by how much is unknown) and since that was deemed “effective,” Sony will continue that approach.With Sony’s non-committal data, it’s tough to say exactly how conflict-free Sony products actually are. Of 311 identified SORs, 261 were reported as either certified conflict-free…or undergoing the audit process. The breakdown of this is unknown, and the remaining 50 SORs were neither validated nor undergoing an audit to become validated.With this little information and a dismissive due diligence policy, it’s no wonder that Enough’s conflict minerals company rankings have Sony in the “worst” category. Sony only earned about 28% of the possible points in Enough’s survey, and were among the worst tech companies assessed, beating only Samsung (15%) and Toshiba (8%)NintendoSince Nintendo is not publicly traded in the United States, it is not required to report on its conflict minerals sourcing. However, in 2016, the company was refreshingly transparent on the issue via its Corporate Social Responsibility Report, with all of Nintendo’s suppliers for the previous year (2015) responding to the survey. 72% of its 309 SOR supply chain was certified conflict-free at the time, and a further 7% were in the midst of the audit process. That was a drastic improvement from its depressing 47% conflict-free certification percentage in 2014.Despite a positive continuation of a 100% survey response, Nintendo unfortunately budged very little on conflict-free sourcing the following year. 242 of its 329 identified SORs were certified conflict-free, only a 2% increase from the previous year. 10 more were on the “Active” list, indicating they were currently undergoing an audit or were participating in another certification program. Nintendo has not yet published its 2017 report yet, so it is uncertain at the moment if the company was able to improve its certification numbers further. Its Japanese report is expected to be published tomorrow, with an English version following at the end of July.In the meantime, Nintendo provided GamesIndustry.biz with an official statement on its progress toward conflict-free sourcing:Nintendo takes its social responsibility as a global company very seriously. We have an unequivocal policy banning the use of conflict minerals in any of our products, and expect our production partners to do the same. Because Nintendo outsources the manufacture and assembly of all Nintendo products to its production partners, we established the Nintendo CSR Procurement Guidelines based on relevant laws, international standards and guidelines that focus on protecting human rights, ensuring workplace safety, promoting corporate ethics and safeguarding the environment. We share these guidelines with all of our production partners.These guidelines require our production partners to establish a policy banning the use of conflict minerals and investigate the source of materials in our products by using the internationally recognized RMI conflict minerals reporting tool.We continue to actively work with our production partners in our supply chain to refrain from using conflict minerals in our products.UbisoftRelated JobsSenior Game Designer – UE4 – AAA United Kingdom Amiqus GamesProgrammer – REMOTE – work with industry veterans! North West Amiqus GamesJunior Video Editor – GLOBAL publisher United Kingdom Amiqus GamesDiscover more jobs in games It’s worth noting that next year, there will be a new company of interest when it comes to conflict minerals: Ubisoft. Ubisoft recently announced a 2018 release date for Starlink: Battle for Atlas, which includes plastic figurines that unlock characters, items, and ships within the game.It’s admittedly a bit early to expect any specific information on its conflict minerals sourcing anyway, since the products haven’t been released yet.GamesIndustry.biz reached out to an Ubisoft representative for comment on how the company plans to reassure consumers that their Starlink purchases are not funding armed conflict, but did not receive a response.Celebrating employer excellence in the video games industry8th July 2021Submit your company Sign up for The Daily Update and get the best of GamesIndustry.biz in your inbox. 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Sierra Leone delivers life-saving services through rural RE project

first_imgLong-term advantages for health care “This ensures long and reliable power cycles, which is important for rural health centres delivering critical care. The implementation is complex but transformative, and our teams on the ground were able to provide extensive technical information to ensure they were installed properly.” RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Sierra Leone, devastated by Ebola with more than 14,000 cases reported between 2014 and 2016, and almost 4,000 lives lost, turns to renewable energy for its recovery efforts. Life-saving services delivered one phase at a time The batteries included in the project were OPzV 1500Ah – 2V, 6V and 12V. Funded by the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) and implemented by United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS), the Rural Renewable Energy Project represented a drive for clean energy access, together with the sustainable growth of the country’s energy capacity. The second phase widened access to electricity to houses, schools and businesses in 50 rural villages, by expanding the existing health centre solar power stations, and installing distribution networks throughout each village – creating dozens of independent mini-grids. This project aims to strengthen energy infrastructure in order to provide better services to local people, while also helping rural communities to be better prepared in the event of a future epidemic. Have you watched?Regulatory process delays scaling of mini-grids As a strategic energy storage provider, Systems Sunlight supplied more than 2,200 Sunlight battery cells towards a hybrid system of 90 minigrids powered with renewable energy, for the electrification of these 50 communities in Sierra Leone, and provided technical assistance to the EPC company regarding technical details about the batteries. The £34.5 million ($47,07 million) project was completed in several phases over a period of four years, with completion at the end of 2020. Low carbon, solar future could increase jobs in the future – SAPVIA It ensures that local health centres have a reliable power supply, meaning that in the evenings patients and medical staff have access to light. AFD and Eskom commit to a competitive electricity sector During the Ebola outbreak, the lack of power in small towns and villages worsened the conditions in which medical professionals were trying to combat the disease.center_img The first phase of the four-year project involved the installation of solar power at 54 community health centres across 12 districts of Sierra Leone – the benefits of which are already being felt – and was successfully completed in July 2017. Finance and Policy Have you read?SEforALL backs mini-grid deployment in Sierra Leone and Madagascar Women giving birth at night will no longer be required to do so in the dark. Deliveries to the centres often take place at night, and access to light ensures supplies can be sorted properly when they arrive, and kept in good condition. Have you read?$15m earmarked for clean energy generation in sub-Saharan Africa The project has also contributed to a more efficient working environment at the health centres, meaning more people receive the healthcare they need, and outreach to neighbouring communities to offer inoculations and related services are now much easier. UNDP China, CCIEE launch report to facilitate low-carbon development Over 2,200 Sunlight battery cells for hybrid system at 90 minigrids were supplied. Source: Systems Sunlight TAGSBattery storageenergy accessmini-gridsoff-grid solutionsSierra Leone Previous articleNigeria: Shell completes the sale of its 30% interest in Oil Mining Lease 17Next articleAggreko starts to detail net-zero emissions plan for its customers Nicolette Pombo-van ZylAs the Editor of ESI Africa, my passion is on sustainability and placing African countries on the international stage. I take a keen interest in the trends shaping the power & water utility market along with the projects and local innovations making headline news. Watch my short weekly video on our YouTube channel ESIAfricaTV and speak with me on what has your attention. Sign up for the ESI Africa newsletter Systems Sunlight’s acting sales director, Dimitri Panagiotou, commented: “The innovative design of our batteries provides an outstanding performance for cyclic and hybrid installations. This is largely through the use of tubular positive plates, a GEL form of electrolyte, a unique sliding pole design and a special alloys composition offering a 60% depth of discharge (DoD) life cycle of up to 2500 cycles for 2V cells and 2000 cycles for the 6V and 12V blocks installed.” Generation BRICS As part of the Ebola recovery efforts, the Government of Sierra Leone launched the Rural Renewable Energy Project, which aimed to strengthen energy infrastructure in these areas, improving essential services for over 300,000 residents.last_img read more

August Alborn opts for Liebherr

first_imgFrom left to right: Andreas Mahlke, Timm WortmannAugust Alborn said it purchased the 180-tonne capacity crane for projects involving the handling and assembling of heavy components and large machines. Herbert Laumann, mobile crane driver and fleet manager at August Alborn, said that the VarioBallast radius and support base were key criteria behind the investment decision. Additionally, the removable telescopic boom, and the fact the crane can be reduced to a gross weight under 40 tonnes, makes the crane suited for jobs that require speed and flexibility. www.liebherr.com www.alborn.delast_img read more

Were PSLs really an ‘investment’ all those years ago? Ravens fans will soon find out

first_imgPart 3: The Ghost of Baltimore Football FutureAs Baltimore Ravens president Dick Cass recently pointed out in a letter to the club’s Personal Seat License holders and top financial supporters, the spaciousness of the team’s home games this season can certainly be traced back to a warm afternoon a continent away in London, England when a dozen players took The Wembley Knee during the National Anthem.Or, on “foreign soil,” as so many patriots have stated on the internet. It’s unclear how many PSL owners are purposely keeping those seats empty as a boycott and how many just can’t resell or even give away the tickets for free as a gift.The new “cool debate” during the holidays has been the loyal Ravens fans excited about a playoff berth and still going to the games fighting with the ones who used to go to the games about how any real, true-blooded American could possibly support the National Football League and these disrespectful black players who hate our military and The President.That’s where we are in this debate entering 2018.But you want me to “stick to sports,” right?Let’s be clear about how the upper deck got empty and how the fan base got uppity: if Donald J. Trump didn’t go on the attack with NFL players and call them “sons of bitches,” The Wembley Knee wouldn’t exist nor would The Knee of 180 players of color that around the sport that day in September 2017.No sane person should argue this point.But, no matter the reason, rationale, politics, philosophy, patriotism or the color of your skin or theirs, the result has been quite eye-opening for anyone who has witnessed a home game for the Baltimore Ravens since The Wembley Knee and subsequent drubbing at the hands of the Jacksonville Jaguars in London back on September 24th.Time will tell what the impact of The Wembley Knee will be in the coming years to season tickets and PSLs and their street value.Time will also tell what real damage there will be to the franchise and how it rebounds from this political crisis that Steve Bisciotti never could’velast_img read more

Evolution (and Batista) to return to SmackDown Live 1000!

first_imgAdvertisement 90zjNBA Finals | Brooklyn Vsld4Wingsuit rodeo📽Sindre E7ga5jy( IG: @_aubreyfisher @imraino ) 7Would you ever consider trying this?😱0Can your students do this? 🌚pzebRoller skating! Powered by Firework WWE SmackDown will celebrate its 1000th episode on the 16th of October in Washington D.C. Fans had speculated that a lot of legends and Hall of Famers would return at the show. However, WWE only announced the Undertaker’s name until yesterday. But now, WWE has added some more high-profile individuals as they announced in their website that Randy Orton, Triple H, Batista, and Ric Flair would reunite at the show.Advertisement Evolution (and Batista) to return to SmackDown Live 1000!Despite the show taking place in his hometown, Batista had clarified that WWE didn’t invite him. The fans were bewildered by this decision as Batista and WWE are on good terms. Many wrestling journalists had reckoned that it could be a work as Batista would want the announcement to be a surprise.Advertisement But now, as Batista is announced to appear at the SmackDown Live 1000 episode, the rumors pertaining to his non-availability can be put to rest. The quartet has 49 World Championships between them and the last time they were seen feuding with the Shield in 2014.Only time will tell if the reunion is a one-off or the group is here to stay. Batista has himself clarified in various interviews that he would love to wrestle in WWE again. Moreover, he had stressed that he would like to have a feud with Triple H before hanging up his boots. Well, the seeds of the rivalry can be planted on the reunion itself! Advertisementlast_img read more

Bring it on!

first_imgBy RUSSELL BENNETT “We know our future, and it’s in West Gippsland.” – Kooweerup’s Gary King THE countdown is on…[To read the rest of this story Subscribe or Login to the Gazette Access Pass] Thanks for reading the Pakenham Berwick Gazette. Subscribe or Login to read the rest of this content with the Gazette Digital Access Pass subscription.last_img

President of GPA David Collins Speaks To Over The Line

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Fantastic Success For Black Dragon as Unified World Championships comes to a close in…

first_imgIt was an incredible World Championship for James Kelly. James knocked out his Italian opponent in the first round of their World K-1 -67kg division final to take another gold for Ireland. Unfortunately, a security incident that happened at the arena lead to extraordinary scenes as hundreds of athletes, supporters and others including men, women (some with babies) & children had to be evacuated after hearing several gun shots in the vast arena which led to severe panic. Within minutes the building was crawling with armed rapid response police and two helicopters circling over head.People were terrified and Women and children were screaming and crying and visibly shaken for some hour or more afterwards.It transpired that a man doing a demonstration of some sort pulled a hand gun and fired off well over ten shots before being surrounded by police with weapons drawn.The man was arrested and brought off of course but this caused major problems and people were almost run over in a stampede as others tried to get out.Cian McCormack was unfortunate to pull out of two World Finals due to an injury that he picked up as he escaped in incident and this probably cost Cian two Gold medals as his injury to his foot was too severe to continue.Cian won out these sections last year and the year before and was the top seed this year once again.An unfortunately incident caused by the stupidity of one or two individuals cost this talented young athlete dearly  but in the grand scheme of things and  in this day and age, one cannot be two careful especially in a building full of thousands of people from almost every nationality on Earth.Pete Foley Spoke To John Mulligan as the team returned from Italy. He explained what happened and also spoke of his pride in what was an outstanding team performance.Audio Playerhttps://download-galwaybay.sharp-stream.com/PETE%20FOLEY%20FULL.mp300:0000:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Thankfully all is well, the IKF Irish squad kicked ass and will now go back to their hotel to celebrate after winning some 35 medals at the greatest show on Earth. Damien Creavin then defeated a Ukrainian fighter in the fight offs for Bronze at the Unified World Championships in Italy in the -57 kg Light Contact kickboxing. Sean Ryan then had a hard battle with Czech Republic and lost a close decision and takes him Silver in the Cadet -60kg Full Contact division. Corey O’Malley just took Silver in the Cadet K-1 -57kg division after an exciting war with a Scottish Fighter Black Dragon Kickboxing Club returned home from Tuscany yesterday following another outstanding world Unified Championships. The team taking home Thirteen Gold, Eight Silver and Six Bronze Medals from the games. Peter Sheppard took a Silver medal after a fierce battle against Australia in the World final of the -86kg International Rules (Low Kick) division. Damien Creavin fought some tough battles to reach the -60kg Full Contact Final with Ukraine but unfortunately the Ukrainian suffered a severe concussion in the semi final the previous day and was suspended from the final so Damien won by default.center_img Cian McCormack took out the French Fighter in the semi final of the -63.5kg K-1 section but is now seen here in second place to the same fighter in Low Kick. He then took Silver at the World Championships in The -57kg Cadet Low Kick division after a tough fight with Moldova. And then made it a hat trick of titles with gold in the new sport boxing division (Queensbury Rules – new introductory demonstration division) defeating Poland in the semi final and then England in the final to take Gold at -69kg. Whitney Sheppard won out the International Rules (Low Kick) -52kg World Final when she defeated Germany in the final of another war. Whitney Sheppard won out the International Rules (Low Kick) -52kg World Final when she defeated Germany in the final of another war.Sean Ryan took Silver in the Cadet -60kg Low kick Cadet division. Bronze to Czech Republic and gold to Ukraine. Black Dragon Fighter Alex Fitzpatrick took Gold in the Junior under fifteen -69kg kickboxing division.Czech Republic in second and bronze for Ukraine. print WhatsApp Facebook Twitter Emaillast_img read more

Christian Eriksen could face long-term lay-off with abdominal injury

first_imgTOTTENHAM star Christian Eriksen is on the long-term casualty list, according to Denmark boss Age Hareide.Eriksen has been sidelined with an abdominal injury picked up in the win at Brighton last month.3 Christian Eriksen is out of action with an abdominal injuryCredit: Getty – ContributorThe playmaker is set to miss the Dane’s Uefa Nations League clash with the Republic of Ireland in Dublin on Saturday.And Hareide has revealed the Premier League side are not keen for Eriksen to report for international duty as he is expected to be out of action for a while.Hareide told Denmark’s Canal9: “Christian (Eriksen) has a problem with his abdominal muscle, and Tottenham have reported that it is of long-term nature.“It is doubtful whether we will bring him to Dublin and make him play.3 Christian Eriksen has not played for Spurs since the win at BrightonCredit: Getty Images – Getty3 Age Hareide reveals Christian Eriksen has been ruled out long-termCredit: Reuters“I do not think that Tottenham are particularly keen on that.“It has been a long time since he played in the match against FC Barcelona (in the Champions League). Against Cardiff, he was also out (of action).“It has been over a week and I know that he has known about (the injury) for a while.“Such an injury can be chronic, and it is true that Tottenham are worried.”Here are the Premier League’s FASTEST EVER goals after Christian Eriksen’s 11 second opener for Tottenhamlast_img read more

Ake HAS noticed Man Utd and Spurs interest but is focused on Bournemouth

first_imgNATHAN AKE has assured Bournemouth fans he is not about to run off and join Tottenham or Manchester United.The £40million-valued Dutchman, 23, has been in superb form for the Cherries this season, with Eddie Howe‘ side winning five and drawing one out of eight in the Premier League.7 Nathan Ake, left, picked up his eighth cap in Holland’s historic 3-0 win over GermanyCredit: Reuters7 Ake goes up for a header with German winger Julian BrandtCredit: AP:Associated PressFormer Chelsea ace Ake came on as a second-half sub as Holland beat Germany 3-0 in the Nations League.But he is not getting ahead of himself after being tipped as a potential replacement for Jan Veronghen at Spurs — as revealed by SunSport — or one of Manchester United’s many failing defenders.He told FootballOrajne.com: “I’ve seen it pass by but of course it’s rumours”At the moment I play at Bournemouth and that is going well, so I focus on that.TRANSFER NEWSExclusiveCURSE FEARStrictly curse sees plans for stars and celebs to isolate together scrappedSAM SO SUMPTUOUSVictoria’s Secret Angel Sara Sampaio wows as she poses in racy lingerieExclusiveWAYNE’S AWAYWayne Bridge is selling his mansion — after John Terry moved in nearbyExclusiveRISKY BUSINESSRyan Thomas stops van on dual carriageway to treat himself to a Mr WhippyExclusiveBED GRIME STORYStormzy in talks to write series of children’s books about diversityTUNED INWhat the stars of Chris Moyles’ R1 show are doing now – from marriages to big jobsLive BlogBLUES NEWSChelsea news LIVE: Follow all the latest updates from Stamford BridgeLive BlogUNITED LIVEMan Utd news LIVE: All the latest updates and transfer gossip from Old TraffordExclusive’IT’S BEEN TOUGH’Alan Carr reveals lockdown pressures tempted his husband to drink againBUMPING ALONG NICELYKate Ferdinand shows off her growing baby bump during holiday with Rio7 Ake marshals the ball away from Watford’s Will Hughes in Bournemouth’s 4-0 win at Vicarage RoadCredit: Reuters7 Ake beats Watford’s Andre Gray to a header in the Premier League clashCredit: Reuters”This does not say much about my status yet.”They are rumours on the internet and as long as I do not hear anything myself, I will not go into that.”SEASIDE BEAUTY Nathan Ake’s gorgeous missus Kaylee Ramman is top jewellery designer Howe pushed hard to get Ake in on a permanent from Chelsea in the summer of 2017 and has reaped the rewards, with Bournemouth currently sixth in the Prem.The Dutch beat Germany 3-0 for the first time in their history on Saturday to inflict further misery on coach Jogi Low after a miserable defence of their World Cup crown in Russia this summer.7 Ake is thriving under Eddie Howe at BournemouthCredit: PA:Press Association7 Ake is being viewed by Spurs as a long-term replacement for Jan VertonghenCredit: Reuters7 Ake is being looked at by Jose Mourinho after Manchester United’s defenders started the season in nightmarish fashionCredit: AP:Associated PressBournemouth 2-2 Everton: Nathan Ake and Joshua King complete Cherries comeback in topsy-turvy clash where both teams finish with ten menAke moved to Chelsea from Feyenoord in 2011 at the age of 16 and struggled to get first-team football at Chelsea before thriving under a loan spell with Howe at Bournemouth, before the £20m move became permanent in 2017.Spurs are also looking to offload Victor Wanyama, Mousa Dembele and Michel Vorm.Bournemouth face local rivals Southampton when the Premier League returns on Saturday.MOST READ IN FOOTBALLRETRACING STEPSJack Charlton’s granddaughter Emma Wilkinson ‘would love’ to visit IrelandROY RAGEFurious Roy Keane launched foul-mouthed rant at Pique over Fabregas friendshipPicturedTOP FORMBrazil icon Ronaldo soaks up sun with partner Celina Locks on yacht in FormenteraPicturedON THE PAOLPaolo Maldini shows off shredded physique at 52 while on holiday with wifeExclusiveLOCK CLOWNPaul Scholes flouts local lockdown rules by throwing huge 7-hour birthday bashLive BlogUNITED LATESTMan Utd transfer news LIVE: All the gossip and updates from Old TraffordLive Bloggunners newsArsenal transfer news LIVE – Latest updates from the EmiratesLive BlogBLUES NEWSChelsea transfer news LIVE: Havertz deal LATEST, Willian move updatesExclusiveKEEP IT IN THE FAMILYMan Utd line up shock swoop for Kasper Schmeichel to replace De GeaPicturedMADD FOR ITPrem aces Dele, Maddison & Grealish enjoy hard-earned break in sun-soaked Ibizalast_img read more