Arrow Video FrightFest Glasgow 2020: A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio review

first_imgLate night radio DJ Rod Wilson (James Wright) hosts a horror-themed show where he takes calls from listeners and shares terrifying tales. After taking a number of calls, Rod is spooked when he gets a call from a child begging for help. Initially believing it to be a prank, Rod doesn’t pay much attention but when the child calls back, things take a turn for the unexpected.A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio is an anthology film of shorts, threading together a series of standalone scary stories told by Rod. Each of the shorts plays out in full with nothing more than the occasional voiceover from Rod before the action cuts back to the radio studio where Rod is eager to take another call.Credit: Black MandalaAfter opening with a twist on The Invisible Man, the first highlight comes with a period short featuring a little girl trying to take a photo of a dead girl. Scared that the girl may not be dead, she takes the coins from her eyes – that block the divide between the living and the dead of course – and inserts them in her mouth. When the body doesn’t react, the little girl sets about taking her photo but she’s convinced that the little girl isn’t really dead. It’s unsettling but surprisingly very effective.As with any film that’s constructed like an anthology with shorts, not everything works here. One particular gruesome short sees a rogue barber scalping a woman, while a twist on the mermaid myth lacks the punch of some of the better moments here. Another is a chilling tale of a man convicted of rape and murder who is punished with horrifying surgeries by the family of the girl his victim. It’s not the easiest to watch and it didn’t really go anywhere by the end.Credit: Black MandalaThe Smiling Man is one short that hits all the marks, making you feel uneasy and proving to be pretty scary. Another truly creepy moment finds a woman terrorised in her own home, convinced there’s a shadowy figure trying to get her. It’s quite a claustrophobic watch and plays into shock scares effectively.A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio is solid enough but it’s not particularly ground-breaking. Last year’s Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark attempted a similar thing and like this film, that one didn’t leave cinemagoers completely satisfied. The overarching storyline with Rod didn’t really work for me and the shorts felt more random than they did properly themed. A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio is an interesting enough idea but it could have been a lot better executed.Cast: Clara Kovacic, James Wright, Kera Obryon Directors: Luciano & Nicolás Onetti, Sergio Morcillo, Joshua Long, Jason Bognacki, Adam O’Brien, Matt Richards, A.J. Briones, Pablo S. Pastor & Oliver Park Writers: Various Certificate: TBC Duration: 100 mins Released by: Black Mandalalast_img read more

League names squad for southern confederate trials

first_imgRugby League BY KILA NAO The Moresby South Rugby Football League has announced its Southern Blacks squads that will be participating at the Southern Confederate trials to be staged on August 8 to 11 at Kwikila station in Central province. The teams comprising of senior men, U-20 men’s and women’s sides were selected after very successful final trial matches held on Sunday. League chairman Brown Meruma said it was a change of perception and his executives have taken a bold stand and selected young players who have talents and potential to reach new heights. “Most of the players are new and up-and-coming talents that we have identified in our competition that need exposure at a higher level competition,” Meruma said. “We have a lot of confidence in the teams and we know they have the ability to prove their skills on the field. “The senior men’s team will running under the guidance of Stanley Olo who has a lot of experience behind his back and he is capable of bailing the team out of trouble. “I want to express gratitude to our good patron and Moresby South MP, Justin Tkatchenko for his continuous support to sports programs in the electorate,” Meruma said. He also thanked the SP PNG Hunters management team for their support in witnessing the trial matches and also presenting Hunters training shirts to the best players. The Southern Blacks senior men’s side is Ezekiel Komia (Talia Spartans), Rex Sale, Emmanuel Laua, Rodney Andrew, Nathan Andi (Gabutu Dragons), Yeki Benjamin, Brandon Somavi, Joseph Komeli (Southern Sons), Junior Hoki, Goratove Ori (Sabama Raiders), Paul Yol (Muni Knights), Stonily Olo (2 Mile United), Michael Timothy, Geoffrey Mark, Jerry Kupu, Clensey Kay (Koki Eels), Aisi Sale (Korobosea Souths), Koko Kaipu (Minu Knights), Ande Warako (Talia Spartans), Simon Kaman (2 Mile United), Levi Andrew (Muni Knights), Badi Elizah (Vadavada United), Joe Omarao (Kaugere Bulldogs) and the team of officials are coach Junior Paul, trainer Mark Kumbi, team runner Etu George and team manager Tony James. The Under 20 side is William Akia (Kaugere Bulldogs), Elwood Oki, Bolo Mathias, Moses Harulu (Sabama Raiders), Justin Andawi (Korobosea Souths), Sine Kia, Brandon Siba, Bomai Bare (2 Mile United), Alphy Smith (2 Mile United), Kingsley John, Nathan Tala (Koki Eels), Ezekiel Panadan, Jim Luke (Kaugere Bulldogs), Manu Joseph, Junior Mark (Vadavada United), Yanimo Francis, John Kaupa Jnr ( Saraga Dust Crows), Nick Kusiri (Kipo Eastern Pride), Samson Steven, Samson Paijape (Gabutu Dragons), Junior Kinibo (MK West), Rex Don ( Southern Sons) and the team officials are Coach Jackins Mark Olam, Trainer Philip Seri and manager Kaupa Jack. The women’s side is Carol Francis, Rachel Weki, Rose Tuku, Elizabeth Paison, Flora Yanu, Yvonne Mora, Heather Ario, Lisa Dau (Gabutu Dragons), Dominica Bu, Joyce Kainavi (Saraga Dust Crows), Carol Gabe, Naomi John, Agnes Francis, Rachel Joe, Obai Mark, Grace Yopolo (Vadavada United) Mavis Tolewa, Sabeti Munagolo (IPA Eagles Koni), Tina Vere (Kaukana United), Roxanne Gapi, Rose King (Joyce Bay Roosters), Julie Lapun (MK West) and the team officials are coach David Waleya, trainer Koivi Vincent and team manager is Nita Siki.last_img read more