Childhood Stress Leaves Genetic Scars

first_imgScience:Traumatic experiences in early life can leave emotional scars. But a new study suggests that violence in childhood may leave a genetic mark as well. Researchers have found that children who are physically abused and bullied tend to have shorter telomeres—structures at the tips of chromosomes whose shrinkage has been linked to aging and disease.Telomeres prevent DNA strands from unravelling, much like the plastic aglets on a shoelace. When cells divide, these structures grow shorter, limiting the number of times a cell can reproduce. For this reason, telomeres may reflect biological age. Research has found associations between stress and accelerated telomere loss, and shortened telomeres correlate with several health problems, including diabetes, dementia, and fatigue.But the connection between telomere length and health and longevity is far from clear. “There’s a lot of doubt in the field,” notes Joao Passos, a cellular aging specialist at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom who was not involved in the research.Read the whole story: Science More of our Members in the Media >last_img read more

CariMAN congratulates 2015 G6NA students

first_img Tweet 86 Views   no discussions Share Sharing is caring! Sharecenter_img LocalNews CariMAN congratulates 2015 G6NA students by: – July 2, 2015 Share CariMAN congratulates all students who participated in this year’s Grade Six National Assessment. We are encouraged to see that two boys, Pioneer Prep, topped the results this year and it is also encouraging to see that the top prizes have been decentralized in comparison to former years. Congratulations to the parents and staff of the Petite Savanne Primary School and the other schools on their achievements.Though our girls are still leading the way, the results also demonstrate that the gap is closing, gradually. However, we must continue to acknowledge the girls for their consistency and, simultaneously, we must continue to exalt our boys for putting the extra efforts in striving for excellence. As much as we expect the boys to excel we would not like to see the girls performance diminish, for their continued excellence means a healthy educational system involving both gender; This will ensure a more productive nation. More than ever before, we have to acknowledge and accept the fact that parental supervision and responsibility do have a great impact on children’s academic performance and their personal and social developments. CariMAN is calling on all fathers to take up their parental responsibility and be more involved and engaged in their children’s schooling, not only for examinations but in their general education from Early Childhood to the Tertiary level. Fathers may not be physically present in the house, but they need to make their presence felt, not only in punitive situations but as positive role models. CariMAN is playing its role in the development of our boys as the Organization, this year, adopted the St. Mary’s Primary all-boys school and, together with school personnel, have initiated a school Programme titled Boys on a Mission to Success comprising teacher training, counselling interventions, students improved academic performance, students; best behaviour, spiritual direction, mentorship programme, and the formation of a Father and Son Club. This we anticipate is an avenue in addressing the boys’ total development: personal, social, academic and spiritual.last_img read more