Class of 2020: Marcus Vazquez

first_imgPublished: May 4, 2020 Architecture major and Colorado native Marcus Vazquez knew he wanted to make a difference in the world, and that he could do it through architecture. “Constantly a source of joy, optimism, and always ensures people feel included. He is someone who creates a space for his peers to thrive and always made the DMC a space that connected people. Marcus is a student that defines what makes the ENVD community so great.” –AnonymousAlways take opportunities when it presents itself. Create goals (long term or short), if you know where you are going, then you will know how to get there!I was inspired to come into ENVD because I believe that I could make a difference in the world and I knew that I could do that with architecture. Previously, I was an integrative physiology major and I transferred because I wanted to make my ideas become a reality, and I believed ENVD could help me pursue that goal.I’ll miss the community at ENVD. I loved being a part of such an amazing group of peers and professors. I’m going to miss sneaking out of my studio to say a quick hello to my friends. I am also going to miss the late nights (sometimes all-nighters) with my peers–so many laughs were shared even when it got hard.Perhaps my favorite memory would be the Gala my first year at ENVD. It was so much fun to be with everyone, sharing laughs, dancing, and getting to meet new people. Furthermore, to see what amazing work students were doing and recognizing/celebrating those who work hard!After I graduate I plan to go into graduate school for architecture. Because of current circumstances, I will be taking a year off and working for a firm in California. I will be applying to UCLA, USC, and SCI-Arch. I hope to specialize in creating better health facilities, as I have always had a passion for medicine. Categories:Grad Featureslast_img read more