Depression — Psychological & Economical

first_imgPsychological depression — Frustration comes with repeated practice committed over the same work. Frustration could not be termed as a disease but boredom incurred out of unwanted feeling towards the activity. Some people would face deterioration in their career path due to declining performance graph & dismay on failures. If such failures are repetitive a person gets frustrated & desire generates going into isolation for peace of mind.Depression comes out of as frustration because a breakdown in performance consistency & reduces zeal for adhering new task & achieving the result. Frustration causes anger, anger makes a person committing mistakes or destruction. Anger brings self-destruction thoughts due to continuous obstacles on the success path.As an individual enters into depression when he starts thinking negative in every sense, suicidal tendencies occur when a person starts becoming depressed. He forgets all good which may happen if focused. Youngsters are facing depression due to failure against desired results, employed face depression due to lack of motivation or competition progress among colleagues. The annoying fact is when hope overcoming out of failure also vanishes.Economic Depression:-When the Nazis came to power in Germany during 1929-30’s Great Depression took place when all the middle-class family stable lives were ruined and the markets collapsed. The dire poverty led to food riots on the ground, grocery stores, food stores etc. were looted for survival markets started and by the end of November 1929 the markets had lost 30$ billion.Black Thursday has impacted the lives of common Germans. Savings of people in the bank completely vanished & banking institution became insolvent.Due to economic slowdown country came under huge financial crisis & sought help from other nations. The German economy was dependent on American debts/loans & foreign trades. Hitler intended to end the democracy by introducing Nazis acquisition.Great Depression also impacted India in 1929 as it hampered industrial development and blocked the growth of jute productions. At the time India was under British raj i.e acquired by Britishers.Depression whether psychological or economic impacts human life, better working on overcoming out of failures and productively organise structure fulfilling stable economic nation purpose.last_img read more