Phish Enjoys Themselves With A Ghosts Of The Forest Debut At Camden, Night Two [Pro-Shot Videos]

first_imgFollowing the first night’s performance, Phish stepped off their trend of post-hiatus tracks for Camden night two at BB&T Pavilion. Throughout the show, more than half of the songs played were debuted prior to the band’s NYE 1999 celebration, Big Cypress, including a Ghosts of the Forest debut, as well as another incredible adieu.Set one kicked off with an OG groove as “Mike’s Song” and “I Am Hydrogen” allowed Trey Anastasio to take rapture on his Koa throughout the ladder. This transformed into a nimble, yet powerful “Weekapaug Groove” where Anastasio bounced up and down the fretboard. The main jam was controlled by Jon Fishman in the saddle, keeping a pocket open for Anastasio to explore just outside the shadows. This compelled Chris Kuroda to run a rainbow across the face of his trapezoidal rig at the time.Underneath a gray Philly skyline, the band followed with a magnificent “Divided Sky”. Working through a loose main composition, they halted to the pause where Anastasio exhaled prior to taking the band through the clear stratosphere. One of the latest jam vehicles, “Everything’s Right” went into an improv section called out by Page McConnell and was guided by Anastasio’s impromptu vocals. “Guelah Papyrus” came next for the first time since last summer. Without flub, Anastasio told the story of his friend’s mother over the songs traditional three sections.“Sparkle” was next up to bat while Kuroda enthralled fans by employing a rotisserie belt-like display. First set staple, “Roggae” came and swayed fans on a lofty swing as the humidity subsided through the show’s first hour. The set’s final number, “46 Days” was much cozier in a closing spot than that of an opener. The group honored their late friend with a chunky beginning as they moved toward an ascent. From base camp, the band took a cumulative effort reaching one of the sharper summits of the entire night.Phish – “Mike’s Song” – 6/29/2019[Pro-Shot Video: Phish]The second set ignited with “Blaze On”, hitting the usual Leo grand piano solo by McConnell. The approach was kept intact by Fishman, with each band member having their hand at pushing forward. Over the next six minutes, McConnell, Anastasio, and Mike Gordon gave their try at the jam ahead of rolling into “NICU”. Throughout a whimsical Trey-sway, Anastasio summoned Leo once again as McConnell took the organ for a high ride before ending the number and moving toward the TV on the Radio cover, “Golden Age”, showing impeccable tone from Anastasio on vocals.The quartet worked together toward a seamless transition into the Ghosts of the Forest “Ruby Waves”. It was carved into shore with an extended jam that made it seem as though the track is here to stay. “Death Don’t Hurt Very Long” came next, but was stopped short before a shift to “Rift”. The title track from the 1993 album was technically sound and slightly curious in exploration in its second set position.The Garden State then got themselves a nice treat with a Ghosts of the Forest debut. “Beneath a Sea of Stars Part 1” made an appearance, and wove a tapestry of colors through Anastasio’s sustain and notably ended with Gordon on the drill while fans hoped for a bright future of the song. The ambient, “Waiting All Night” followed with “Ghost” was a hit, equipped with McConnell on the clav. The imminent “Ghost” jam ended into “Say It To Me S.A.N.T.O.S.” to close out the second set.“You Enjoy Myself” settled in as the encore while McConnell laid down an ominous dark texture on the organ. The first segment gave way to a brief break for improvisation while a Gordon bomb marked the next transition. As the tramps made their way to stage, Anastasio hit the signature sustain before Fishman brought on ghoulish screams throughout mans evolution to shit. While trampolining led to the usual “Big Red” leap, the impending peak saw “Machine Gun Trey” unleash an onslaught of notes working towards most effective bombs from Gordon and McConnell. Gordon slapped his friend into a dance party only Anastasio could choreograph ending with a cowbell from Fishman that initiated the vocal jam. The band took their usual spots in psychedelic harmony with a darker piece before ending the nearly 20-minute “Y.E.M”.The Anastasio/Tom Marshall penned “Grind” worked through stellar harmonies indicative of the entire night. The band added up what is presumed their total days alive of 80,000+ throughout the tune, ultimately ending the second night.Phish – “Blaze On” – 6/29/2019[Pro-Shot Video: Phish]Phish resumes their summer tour tonight for a Sunday night showdown across from The City of Brotherly Love to complete their Camden residency before heading to upstate NY’s Saratoga Performing Arts Center on July 2nd.Each show on Phish’s 2019 summer tour will be rebroadcast on SiriusXM Phish Radio (Ch. 29) at 12:00 ET the following day. Subscribe here.Setlist | Phish | BB&T Pavilion | Camden, NJ | 06/29/2019 Set One: Mike’s Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove, Divided Sky, Everything’s Right > Guelah Papyrus > Sparkle > Roggae > 46 DaysSet Two: Blaze On > NICU > Golden Age > Ruby Waves > Death Don’t Hurt Very Long, Rift, Beneath a Sea of Stars Part 1 [1], Waiting All Night, Ghost > Say it to Me S.A.N.T.O.S.Encore: You Enjoy Myself, Grind[1] Phish debut.last_img read more

Cyber security, whether you like it or not

first_imgTwinstate Technologies,by Timothy McQuiston Vermont Business Magazine Most cyber security requirements are self-evident and obvious. But they can be annoying chores that are easily put off, like car maintenance. Getting your car worked on can be expensive and time-consuming. And as with car repairs, cyber security is a hassle, can be expensive and is also necessary, despite the opportunity to procrastinate. But cyber security measures ultimately can save a business much money and a lot of heartache. John Burton of NPI at a cyber security seminar in June. VBM photo“It is a bit like going to your dentist or tax accountant… but in the end you have to face it,” said John Burton of NPI in South Burlington.Cyber security experts beat the drum of staying ahead of the problem, which can cost a small company dearly if its Web site is compromised or its credit card processing system is hacked. New rules coming in October will place much of the cost of stolen credit card information onto the retailers themselves, if they don’t get card chip readers.Cyber security professionals in Vermont use analogies which invoke your mother because while the technology can be mind-boggling, the consequences of not being diligent with cyber security can result in disaster.The good news, according to professionals, is that most cyber problems are preventable. But it’s still going to require vigilance and certain level of suspicion by business owners and managers (even of employees and co-workers), especially for those many small businesses in Vermont which do not have in-house IT.“You don’t have to spend a lot of money to solve 80 percent of your problems,” Burton said.It will not require the $100 million that Target has set aside for technical upgrades after its credit card data was famously hacked (the 2013 pre-Christmas cyber theft cost banks $200 million and Target paid another $10 million directly to customers). But it will cost you something for security and peace of mind.To put the cyber threat in Vermont in perspective, an AARP Vermont study released in June found that 34 percent of adult Vermont residents say they received notification of a security breach at an organization with which they’ve done business in the 12 months prior to taking the AARP survey. One out of eight (12%) of these respondents say they believe the breach resulted in someone using their identity to purchase products or services without their authorization. When asked by AARP Vermont what action they took as a result of the notification, one in five (19%) say they did nothing, while two out of three increased the monitoring of their bank and credit (61%), nearly half changed their online password with that company (46%), and about one-quarter put a credit alert on their credit file (27%).Overall, AARP Vermont said that 14 percent of Vermont adults in the last two years have had someone actually rip them off financially, typically through a credit or debit card.For the most part, it isn’t a software or hardware problem, Burton said, “It’s a people problem,” often with employees who might be poorly trained or, alas, out to rob you.Misconfigured security systems are the most common problem, Burton said. End-user error, like clicking on a malicious attachment, is second. Only 20 percent of breaches are from someone specifically targeting you.Burton said that encryption and backups and passwording your computer and mobile devices and changing out strong passwords regularly and keeping them secure is a chore and necessary and should be your first line of defense. “A lot of people use lousy passwords. Use very simple things. Why? Because we can remember lousy passwords! We all remember our dog’s name or our kid’s name,” Burton said.“Don’t share your passwords.” Maybe you call into work. “I’m sick today! Can you log into my computer and run the payroll? Not a good idea.” Have a second login for that kind of contingency that has limited access to exactly what you need done. People have 10 or 20 passwords now. You may opt to get a “vault” to store passwords with access from a single master password.And that goes for mobile too. Mobile devices, especially, require diligent encryption and security, Burton said.“Encrypting mobile data is a good thing. Anything that is a mobile device needs to be encrypted,” Burton said, “everything from personal to business.”  Despite the commonsense nature of all of this, we can all be duped. “Lost” USBs are a common trick among hackers, Burton said. They leave a USB, as if it were accidently dropped where someone can find it, you pick it up and, what do you do? Plug it into your own computer to see what it is. Then you’re hacked.Updating software with the latest versions, Burton said, is vital. Vulnerabilities include outdated software patches, and using an old OS, such as Windows XP which is not longer supported by Microsoft. “The newer are more secure.” But perhaps wait to install the newest version, Burton said, until the first big service pack comes out that fixes the bugs. “Browsing is a lot of what happens with people in terms of security problems,” Burton said.“My browser got hijacked once at home,” he said. “It was very frustrating.” “Call a pro,” said Rubin Bennett of rbTechnologies in East Montpelier. While most of us Vermonters, even without an IT staff, can be pretty sophisticated with electronic devices, the level of the technology and the ultimate risk are too high to rely only on your own street smarts.And these systems need to be maintained.“They require care and feeding, just like anything else,” Bennett said.Burton offered these bullet points for business:Overall Security Action PlanTake stock – Analyze your security needsScale down – Remove unneeded dataLock it – Implement network and device policies & controlsPlan ahead – Review your data protection plan yearlyTrain often– Discuss security tips at each staff meetingKey Security BehaviorsAlways Login with your own account, don’t browse using an Admin loginDon’t download/install from untrusted sourcesDon’t respond to pop-up windowsUse secure connections for sensitive work like bankingDon’t click on links & attachments or reply to unsolicited emailUse complex passwords, keep protected, don’t share them and change them oftenLock your screen or logoff when leavingDon’t plug in unknown USB devicesEncrypt sensitive transfers & stored dataProtect systems from malware and virusesUse a commercial grade, professionally installed firewall and Wi-FiDownload & install software updates weeklyBackup important data and securely store it offsite dailyControl physical access to computers and networksLimit employee access to only data and software needed for their workTrain employees about your security policiesWebsite“You’ve been breached. You have to contact your customers. That’s the low,” Burton said.Website protection is difficult in part because the nefarious characters are really out to be jerks and are happy to bring down a Website or infect it because they can. It’s sort of cyber vandalism. But of course this can be disastrous to a business that loses its Website even for a short period of time. Businesses are wondering what they must do and can do, given limited staff and limited funds. And what are the priorities?“First, start by using strong passwords and two-factor authentication where possible on login pages,” recommends Chris Maulding, Information Security Administrator for Twinstate Technologies in Colchester. “Having these in place is a must. Outsourcing to a company that specializes in security and updating services can help keep costs down and allow for you to focus on other IT needs and business processes.”After beginning with this basic information, Maulding suggests that the next step is to be constantly updating the CMS (Content Management System), Operating system or other systems running a Website. “Doing so will keep you from being exploited by a piece of software that is out of date and vulnerable,” said Maulding. “There are other measures that can be taken, implementing a Web application firewall that has an Intrusion Prevention System/Intrusion Detection System (IPS/IDS) to protect from malicious attacks. Vulnerability scanning and penetration testing are other steps that require a specialization, as not every IT person knows what they are looking for.”  “Typically a website becomes unavailable due to some sort of attack known as a denial of service,” said Twinstate Technologies CEO, Devi Momot, CISSP, GSLC, GISP. “Basically, this means that the adversary has flooded the site with so much noise and network traffic that legitimate traffic cannot get in or out. The regular, run-of-the-mill denial of service is able to be guarded against by blocking the address that it is being sent from. However, the more difficult denial of service attacks are using multiple places to attack from; and, it is tricky to guard against the numbers that adversaries are able to muster with current technology, as well as the ability of wrong-doers to create nasty malware today. For instance, those wanting to create a hassle for a Website can distribute their malware – the pieces of code that create the “flood” of traffic to many computers on the Internet.” “These computers could be owned by my grandmother, aunt, uncle, friends and foes; it does not matter,” Momot said. “The wrong-doers can “seed” those computers through a number of methods, and then, their computers start sending traffic to the targeted website.”  Note: If readers are interested in learning more about this topic, it is recommended they do some reading about Botnets. Rubin Bennett of rbTechnologies said a Web attack “is usually not somebody. It’s usually a ‘bot’ that finds a vulnerability and exploits it.”The robot is looking for a site to host malicious content. They’re often just developed by kids showing off (the Target breach apparently was designed by a Russian teenager) and seeing how much damage they can do.“Why they do it? I don’t know,” Bennett said. He said the attacks generally fit the stereotype of someone young from Eastern Europe or Asia.“A question I am often asked is: Why are we hearing so much about cybercrimes today? What is happening? The truth is that it is easy to be a cybercriminal, very easy, and it is difficult to catch them,” said Momot. “Pair that with nation states that like to cause harm, and whether for a reason of belief or economics, you end up with the situation that we have today. Some countries have formal education to teach criminal techniques of hacking and code writing. Many of these techies are available for hire, with guarantees and technical support to help someone practice cybercrime. The lay person no longer requires any technical skill to enter into the business of cybercrime.”  Some things that readers should be aware of are that the biggest element in the favor of criminals is society’s complacency. “I attended a Roundtable conference last month in which we were divided into groups,” said Momot. “There were approximately six or eight groups of six or so individuals. The professional backgrounds of the attendees consisted of business, academia, government and cyber security experts, such as with our team. We were asked a number of questions and were all asked to address each question without involvement of the other tables and then report on it. One of the top items that we identified as a major issue facing us, when it comes to cybercrime, is people doing nothing. We believe that individuals are aware they should do something but may not be doing anything at this point. I believe that media, such as VBM, can help to change that. We have encouraged the government members we have come in contact with so far to develop some PSAs around the subject, as well. We all need to work together to protect our privacy, economy and freedom to access resources when and where we want.”Ted Casassa, Chief Information Officer, Secured Network Services Littleton, NH, with clients in the St Johnsbury area, offered his expertise on protecting your Website for businesses without in-house security expertsIf your website looks old and out-of-date, you’re going to be a greater target because the assumption is that the site is less secure and easier to shut down. Keep the software upgraded so the site looks modern. The site can still be simple, but it needs to be updated. Adding fresh content or changing content from time to time helps, too. “If you ignore your site and it looks out of date, it’s likely to be more of a target,” Casassa said. “If it looks like it’s from 1995, that’s not good.”When you’re hiring a website service provider, make sure they have some type of security certification. Ask for written proof that they’re keeping it up to date. Make sure they test the site for vulnerabilities on a regular basis. “The buzz word is penetration testing,” Casassa said. “Is the site tested for security vulnerabilities on a regular basis? You can also hire a third party to do this.”Overall, he said, “There is no silver bullet for security. So a big part of it is being aware. The more often you do updates, the more apt you are to notice something.“Always pay to keep everything updated as far as security goes. Make sure everything is up-to-date and everything’s backed up. Everything else is a variable.”  Credit CardsRecently a dry cleaner and a medium-sized grocer in Vermont were hit by cyber thieves who gained credit card information. This makes sense as the large retailers have bolstered their security after some notable hits. But these smaller entities don’t have the means or perhaps don’t think they’ll be targets. But the thieves probably see them as low-hanging fruit. These are retailers who have a lot of foot traffic and a lot of transactions. Even if they are relatively small transactions, the credit cards can be maxed out if stolen. How can these retailers protect themselves?According to Devi Momot, these are a few things that Twinstate Technologies recommends, keeping in mind that the team has many more suggestions. Don’t ever click on a link in your email that is not verified as legitimate. Pick up the phone, call the person that sent it, and make sure it is REAL. Many hackers are “planting” malware in perfectly innocent owners’ computers and networks using what is called phishing. Today, there are ways to take a legitimate website, such as for a bank, retailer, hospital, or any other, and in a matter of minutes make a replica of that website.  The difference is that instead of the information you type into the site for your account, such as account numbers, going to the place you think it is going, it is going into the hands of a criminal.    Strengthen passwords. Computers today can crack a short eight-character password very easily. Passwords need not be difficult to remember, but they should be difficult for a computer to guess. Passphrases are generally recommended more often, and that should be at least 12 characters in length and with a mix of numbers and special characters. For example: br0wntux3d0m3 can be easily related to “brown tuxedo me”. Also, try to keep your banking, social media, email and business passwords different from each other. It is also commonly recommended that you not use your corporate email address for social media accounts. If we estimate how long it takes to guess an eight-number password, it is under 30 seconds. By adding letters and a character, and making it 12 in length as compared to 8, the time estimated to crack the passcode can increase into years and years with today’s average computers.Third-party connections. Another area that is often overlooked is what third parties have access to in your systems, your employee’s information or other confidential company information. Are they secure in how they are handling the access to that information or the connection to your business? It should become quite standard to request that those who have connections to your systems or have custody of information from your business are asked to provide verification of the privacy and security that you expect for the handling of the assets.“Statistically, the majority of breaches today are rated as low difficulty,” adds Momot. “From our observation, many businesses are not taking some of the most basic protective measures. Those that we find to be inconsistent in most every business are: (1) Patching of software. A business will generally believe that their patching is kept current so that “holes” in their security are kept to a minimum. With the assessments we have done over the past several years, only one customer has actually done these in a safe and consistent manner.  (2) Antivirus / Antimalware on continuous scan. There are so many new pieces of malware thrown at us every day that these systems will not catch all of the threats. However, AV/AM is still a necessary piece of your defensive measures. If your computer cannot handle to process this continuously, then it is likely time to get a new computer. (3) Replace your dated firewall technology. Many of the firewalls in use today are dated technology. Since our environments are not one-hundred percent protected from viruses and other malware, we have to assume that, someday, we will be breached. We recommend that customers use technology that can recognize if an external connection is attempting to be made to a bad actor; this may be an attempt to extract information from your business, or something similar. Having services that provide enhanced functions at the perimeter is increasingly important, as is having a service partner actively watching your alerts for intrusions – indeed, a worthwhile measure, as well.”  “Pointing again to statistics, it is likely we will all be breached at some point,” said Momot. “Therefore, we need to have systems in place to detect when that has occurred and management to act on the detection. Detection without a corrective response is just worthless noise. If you react to the incident quickly and effectively there is a great likelihood that you will minimize the negative impact from the breach.”Ted Casassa had these tips for small retailers:Make sure your network is secure to prevent credit card information from being easily accessible by thieves. “Always make sure your point-of-sale systems aren’t on a publicly accessible wireless network. That’s usually the biggest mistake,” Casassa said. “Some people don’t even think of that.”Every credit card machine you add multiplies your risk. Keep the number as low as possible. “The fewer machines you have, the less you are at risk,” he said. Sometimes credit card theft or fraud is an internal issue, not the work of outside hackers. Know which employees are taking credit card information over the phone and on site, and limit that to just a few trusted people – as few as possible. “Limit that to a couple folks internally, and have cameras. Knowing who these employees are, that’s the biggest thing.”Make sure you always know who is accessing the network at a given time. They key to this is never sharing usernames and passwords. You always want to be able to look back and find out who was accessing the network, and when.  Know that any business accepting credit cards needs to be compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Standards are more lax for small businesses that have fewer credit card transactions, but many small businesses still do not have the resources to become compliant. “Small businesses struggle with PCI,” Casassa said. “If you’re unsure what to do, hire an expert. PCI compliance is also a lot of work. If you’re a business owner, do you really want to be an expert in PCI?” Another point on PCI: As businesses grow, the standards change and become stricter. Companies need to be aware of that threshold and prepare to make changes. “These (small Vermont) retailers can protect themselves by making sure they are following compliance standards that are in place for the credit card industry and having separate networks for processing credit card data versus day-to-day traffic,” said Twinstate’s Maulding. “This can help greatly. Also, using firewalls and other on-premise security can be helpful.”Rubin Bennett supports the new card reader requirements for credit and debit cards.“We’re finally catching up with the rest of the world,” he said. The PCI self-assessment questionnaire alone will help retailers understand their own security needs.He said retailers should outsource their payment systems completely, including having payments go directly from the card reader to a third party vendor. “If you’re doing it yourself, you’re crazy,” Bennett said.While the vendor has often been the source of credit card breaches in the past, using them and the new card readers absolves the retailer of much of the liability. All the professionals insisted that documents, statements, financial and personal information and especially pieces of paper with credit card information should be destroyed as soon as possible. Some companies still write down customer credit card numbers.Jon Burton recommends using a professional service to destroy sensitive documents and electronic data. If you’re shredding documents yourself, use a cross-cut shredder so a “dumpster-diver” can’t just piece them back together. One cannot start too early to learn about cyber security. Young children have been found to have clicked on a nefarious link or Website while sitting at a parent’s computer. In June, Norwich University held a week-long pre-college cyber security program for 20 high school students called [email protected] (link is external)(link is external). Funded by the National Security Agency and the National Science Foundation, participants learned and applied basic concepts of programming, forensics and cryptography, through a series of gaming, modeling, and simulation activities with peers and faculty mentors in a university setting.“I believe if we all work together we can improve the security of the Vermont small business community,” John Burton said.last_img read more

HMCTS reforms ‘focus too much on court closures’

first_imgInadequate Wi-Fi, poor IT infrastructure, delays due to dwindling staff and insufficient evaluation of reforms – the full extent of concerns about the government’s courts reform programme have emerged in evidence from the likes of district judges, police and the Law Society in evidence submitted to MPs.The House of Commons justice select committee is looking at the effects of HM Courts & Tribunals Service’s court reform programme. Serious doubts have been cast over how successful the reforms will be based on some of the evidence received by the committee, which was published this week.The Legal Committee of HM Council of District Judges (Magistrates’ Courts) says it has seen no evidence that HMCTS has considered the lack of digital access of litigants in person, who are rising in number due to legal aid cuts for private family law cases.HMCTS appears to assume that unrepresented defendants, including those who cannot access an online process, will attend court and be able to access a duty solicitor. However, district judges are already seeing delays in the court session as defendants queue up to see the duty solicitor, ‘who in turn has to go through the laborious process of securely accessing a digital file’, a process made more difficult due to poor Wi-Fi.The district judges says HMCTS is ‘somewhat naive’ to expect video-link hearings to address the issue of court closures. A ‘significant reduction’ in administrative staff has meant that cases are not being uploaded onto ‘court store’ so a judge is unable to prepare an often busy court in advance. Documents are not being uploaded efficiently, so judges are ‘having to either chase them up to get the documents uploaded in the first place, or trawling through irrelevant documents before getting to the relevant ones’.In its evidence, Thames Valley Police states the criminal justice reforms ‘have focused overly on court closures, driven by potential digital developments, rather than taking a strategic and holistic approach to the whole criminal justice system’.It is worried about the potential ‘significant’ impact of magistrates’ court closures in Banbury and Maidenhead on accessibility and attendance levels for defendants, victims and witnesses. Parties are unable to download critical evidence in the court estate due to ‘insufficient network capacity’, which the force says is ‘significantly disrupting case progression’.The Law Society meanwhile says the scale of the reforms proposed for the criminal justice system ‘is highly ambitious and dependent on a level of technological sophistication and reliability of IT that we are not confident can be assured’. An IT breakdown earlier this year ‘raises serious concerns surrounding full reliance on technology with no contingency plan in place should a failure occur’.The Society says the Ministry of Justice and HMCTS conducted insufficient consultations with lawyers about individual strands of the reform programme as well as its overall objectives. It is ‘particularly concerned’ that it has not been shown ‘any evidence of baseline data’ against which to measure the impact of some of the reforms.last_img read more

Governor Walker Offers Help In Brokering Fiscal Fix

first_imgWhile there’s general agreement about using Alaska oil-wealth fund earnings to help cover costs, there is disagreement about what else should be done. Walker agrees with House leadership that a fiscal fix should include a broad-based tax. Senate leaders have said they aren’t interested in a House proposal for an income tax. House leaders say relying on permanent fund earnings and budget cuts is insufficient. The Legislature has run beyond its scheduled 90 days, with a budget and fiscal plan unresolved.center_img FacebookTwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享With Alaska legislative leaders at an impasse over how to address the state’s deficit, Governor Bill Walker is offering his help in hopes of nudging talks forward. Walker says he has invited House and Senate leadership to the governor’s mansion Wednesday to begin looking for areas of common ground.last_img read more

Liam O’Meara and Mr Coolcaum (ISH) take runner-up spot in Millstreet Grand Prix

first_img Liam O’Meara and Mr Coolcaum (ISH) take runner-up spot in Millstreet Grand Prix Tipperary’s Liam O’Meara finished best of the Irish in today’s three-star international Grand Prix at the Green Glens arena in Millstreet, Co Cork, where riders from Ireland filled three of the top four placesNenagh-based O’Meara guided the 12-year-old Irish Sport Horse Mr Coolcaum to runner-up spot on the podium, after a double clear round in 58.63 seconds. Edward Butler slotted into second with the stallion Cornet Son, while Jessica Burke and Dermish Cruise (ISH) came home in fourth.Victory however eluded the Irish, with Britain’s Laura Renwick partnering the nine-year-old gelding Heliodor Hybris to the winning double clear in 56.34. Tags: Home  »  General  »  Liam O’Meara and Mr Coolcaum (ISH) take runner-up spot in Millstreet Grand Prix 14 August 2016, 18:30last_img read more

Evolution (and Batista) to return to SmackDown Live 1000!

first_imgAdvertisement 90zjNBA Finals | Brooklyn Vsld4Wingsuit rodeo📽Sindre E7ga5jy( IG: @_aubreyfisher @imraino ) 7Would you ever consider trying this?😱0Can your students do this? 🌚pzebRoller skating! Powered by Firework WWE SmackDown will celebrate its 1000th episode on the 16th of October in Washington D.C. Fans had speculated that a lot of legends and Hall of Famers would return at the show. However, WWE only announced the Undertaker’s name until yesterday. But now, WWE has added some more high-profile individuals as they announced in their website that Randy Orton, Triple H, Batista, and Ric Flair would reunite at the show.Advertisement Evolution (and Batista) to return to SmackDown Live 1000!Despite the show taking place in his hometown, Batista had clarified that WWE didn’t invite him. The fans were bewildered by this decision as Batista and WWE are on good terms. Many wrestling journalists had reckoned that it could be a work as Batista would want the announcement to be a surprise.Advertisement But now, as Batista is announced to appear at the SmackDown Live 1000 episode, the rumors pertaining to his non-availability can be put to rest. The quartet has 49 World Championships between them and the last time they were seen feuding with the Shield in 2014.Only time will tell if the reunion is a one-off or the group is here to stay. Batista has himself clarified in various interviews that he would love to wrestle in WWE again. Moreover, he had stressed that he would like to have a feud with Triple H before hanging up his boots. Well, the seeds of the rivalry can be planted on the reunion itself! Advertisementlast_img read more

King with a rod

first_imgJANUARY and February being the best months for King George Whiting fishing, Pakenham Angling Club held its outing and competition…[To read the rest of this story Subscribe or Login to the Gazette Access Pass] Thanks for reading the Pakenham Berwick Gazette. Subscribe or Login to read the rest of this content with the Gazette Digital Access Pass subscription.last_img

LVR grad Sean Denison experiences career year playing pro hoops in Romania

first_imgWhen Sean Denison hopped a flight last summer for Romania, he hoped the move to the European Basketball team would be a good one.Well the move proved to be good for CSM Oradea, Denison’s new club, and amazing for the former L.V. Rogers hoop star.Not only did CSM Oradea make history but also Denison realized a happiness about playing the sport again that had been missing for a few years.”It was a successful year for me personally . . . and it was felt really good to play in a competitive league again,” the 28-year-old power forward said after completing the successful campaign in Romania.“We made history all year,” the 6’11” 245-pound Denison added.“First we got a nod from the EuroChallenge league saying we were the best new entry (first year team) in EuroChallenge this season.“For the first time the club made the Romanian Cup final and then for the first time in club history we made the finals in the playoffs.”Unfortunately, CSM Oradea came up short in both finals — losing in the Romanian Cup and League Final — the latter, a six-point setback in the final of the best-of-five series. “That last loss was tough because I felt like we were the better team when we were playing our game and our style,” explained Denison, part of two BC Basketball Championships during his time at Trafalgar Junior and L.V. Rogers High Schools.“But they played very good in the last game and we fought hard so none of us on the team have any regrets.”Denison was a star during his high school days, leading the Bombers to a fourth-place finish at the BC High School AAA Basketball Championships during his senior season after titles in Grade 9 at Trafalgar and Grade 10 Junior crown at LVR.The local hoop star went on to play four seasons at Santa Clara in NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball. He played also for Canada internationally program for some years — the Canadian Senior National Team in 2007, the U21 National Team in 2004 and at the Pan-American Games trials.Denison, who came to Romania following stops in Turkey, Germany and Russia, played 37 Liga Nationala games for CSM Oradea recording 10.9 ppg, 5.3 rpg, 1.2 apg, 1.1 spg and 1.2bpg  — the latter was fifth best in the league.In six games in EuroChallenge Denison averaged impressive 15.5 ppg, 9.0 rpg, 1.5 apg, 1.2 spg and 1.7 bpg and was also voted to All-Romanian League Honorable Mention Team.“I played very well in EuroChallenge but had a hard time adjusting my game for the referees in the Romanian league,” he admitted.“Almost every away game I would have two fouls in five minutes and have to sit until the third quarter. They just call the game different and there is no governing body to regulate or review their calls. So instead of a block or a steal I would get a foul. “These things add up and as a result I couldn’t play as aggressively as I wanted in the normal league.”Denison, on a one-year contract in Romania, is considering his options for next season. He’s returned to Canada to spend his offseason with his wife, Tricia, and two children in the North Okanagan near Salmon Arm.“Not sure where I will play next year, still looking at the possibilities but I feel great,” he said. “I feel better every year and will continue to work on my game and staying healthy.”No doubt after the 2013-14 campaign, a few teams most likely will be calling for his services.last_img read more


first_imgDaniel Goulding, Electric Ireland Minor Star Awards Judge commented: Each footballer named on this year’s Team of the Year has proven themselves as a top player, experiencing the highs and lows of a tough Championship season through wins, losses, setbacks and success. Over the past several months, these players have shown dedication and perseverance in facing challenges both on and off the pitch. They are a talented group and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for these Minor stars.”Fans should stay tuned as next week they will find out the next group of players to join the rankings of Team of the Year when the Hurling Team of the Year is unveiled on Wednesday, 19th September by panellist, eight-time All-Ireland winning Kilkenny hurler Michael Fennelly.Electric Ireland’s ‘This is Major’ initiative is designed to empower young players and in 2018, the campaign looked to highlight Major Moments in Minor players playing careers. Check out Electric Ireland’s Major Moments video content, featuring the panel of GAA Legends discussing their own major moments at Minor level as well as creative content highlighting the importance of the pre-game ritual by visiting; the Minors and be a part of the conversation on social using the hashtag, #GAAThisIsMajor or visit @ElectricIreland on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The Football Team of the Year will be awarded at the second annual Electric Ireland GAA Minor Star Awards, set to take place at Croke Park on 29 September. In line with Electric Ireland’s ‘This is Major’ campaign, the Minor Star Awards create a major moment for Minor players, showcasing the outstanding achievements of individual performers throughout the Championship season. The awards recognise the effort of not only the Minor players, but those who support them day in and day out, from their coaches to their parents, teachers and clubs – all who have played a significant role in getting them to where they are today. print WhatsApp Facebook Twitter Email Galway Minors, Tony Gill and Matthew Cooley of Corofin GAA Club and Conor Raftery of Northern Gaels GAA Club, made an impression during the 2018 Electric Ireland GAA Minor Football Championship as the players have been selected as part of the Electric Ireland Minor Football Team of the Year.center_img Electric Ireland GAA Minor Star Football Team of the YearJohn Ball – Kildare, (Clane)Ronan Grimes – Monaghan, (Killanny)Owen Fitzgerald – Kerry, (Gneeveguilla)Tiarnan Woods – Derry, (Drumsurn)Colm Moriarty – Kerry, (Annascaul)Tony Gill – Galway, (Corofin)Mark Lavin – Dublin, (Lucan Sarsfields)Darragh Rahilly – Kerry, (Rathmore)Conor Raftery – Galway, (Northern Gaels)Paul Walsh – Kerry, (Brosna)Matthew Costello – Meath, (Dunshaughlin)Aaron Mulligan – Monaghan, (Latton)Luke Mitchell – Meath, (Dunshaughlin)Eoin Darcy – Wicklow, (Tinahely)Matthew Cooley – Galway, (Corofin) The 2018 Football Team of the Year was carefully selected by Electric Ireland panellists, including All-Star winning former Cork footballer, Daniel Goulding and All-Star winning former Tyrone captain, Sean Cavanagh.Throughout the Championship, Electric Ireland hosted a ‘Player of the Week’ initiative on Facebook where nominated players joined a shortlist of names, along with Man of the Match winners, from which the judges made their selections for Team of the Year. The panel will also choose an overall Football Player of the Year, which will be announced at the Minor Star Awards.last_img read more

Ashley Young insists Dele Alli feud’s in the past as pair join forces for England

first_imgASHLEY   YOUNG   says   his bust-up with England team-mate Dele Alli is all forgotten.The volatile Three Lions pair clashed in Manchester United’s fiery 1-0 win over Tottenham in October when Dele told Young to “retire with a Zimmer frame”.4 Ashley Young and Dele Alli have put their club feud behind them ahead of the World CupCredit: PA:Press AssociationYoung hit back at the Spurs hothead and rapped: “When you win the Premier League, let me know.”United utility man Young, 32, revealed: “We had a laugh and a joke about it.“People say he has to take that sort of stuff out of his game but he’s one of those players who plays on the edge. He winds people up, that’s just him.”Young is the daddy of Gareth Southgate’s baby-faced England squad — the only player who will be age 33 when the World Cup ends.4 Young is setting an example to the others as England’s oldest playerCredit: AFPBut when he used his “wise old head” against Tottenham this season it was not to dish out some fatherly advice to one of his young United team-mates.The raging Red Devil thrust it aggressively towards fellow hothead Alli, as the volatile pair swapped insults and went nose-to-nose.WET N’ WILD England ace Kyle Walker admits he pees in the showerYoung added: “It’s just one of those things. But we have to keep 11 players on the pitch at all times.“There’s enough experience throughout the squad to know, if someone is being wound up, to pull them up and tell them to calm down, or have a word with the referee to make them aware of what is going on.Latest England newsExclusiveCURSE FEARStrictly curse sees plans for stars and celebs to isolate together scrappedSAM SO SUMPTUOUSVictoria’s Secret Angel Sara Sampaio wows as she poses in racy lingerieExclusiveWAYNE’S AWAYWayne Bridge is selling his mansion — after John Terry moved in nearbyExclusiveRISKY BUSINESSRyan Thomas stops van on dual carriageway to treat himself to a Mr WhippyExclusiveBED GRIME STORYStormzy in talks to write series of children’s books about diversityTUNED INWhat the stars of Chris Moyles’ R1 show are doing now – from marriages to big jobs4 Young believes Alli’s fire is just what England need to get in the face of opponentsCredit: Getty Images“Dele’s a fantastic talent. He’s shown in previous get-togethers and the last few days what a talent he can be, and what a talent he currently is.”England have been accused of being too nice in previous tournaments and lacking the killer instinct required to go all the way.There is not the same cynicism which saw Cristiano Ronaldo wink when Wayne Rooney saw red at the 2006 World Cup, or Diego Simeone rolling around the turf like a seal after David Beckham had been suckered at France 98.And England’s strikers tend to try and stay on their feet when the eyes of the world are upon them.4 Gareth Southgate will be keen to ensure his team are no longer the ‘nice guys’ of tournamentsCredit: AFPEngland train at St George’s Park ahead of World Cup warm-up match against Nigeria Most Read In SportWHAT THE REFMMA fighter gets DQ’d in Abu Dhabi and tries to fight Brit ref Marc GoddardLIL ISSUEBoris Becker’s estranged wife begs his new girlfriend to ‘step away from my son’RETRACING STEPSJack Charlton’s granddaughter Emma Wilkinson ‘would love’ to visit IrelandROY RAGEFurious Roy Keane launched foul-mouthed rant at Pique over Fabregas friendshipPicturedTOP FORMBrazil icon Ronaldo soaks up sun with partner Celina Locks on yacht in FormenteraCHOPPER BOTHERJohn Terry ignores hol advice & travels to ‘off-limits’ Portugal by chopperHowever, in Young and Dele, the Three Lions have a couple of fierce competitors who are ready to rumble — and tumble — if football’s dark arts are needed.Young added: “Everybody’s a winner here. You see after training, when we’ve played games, people are disappointed.“People come off tired because they have put in 100 per cent into training.“There’s pace everywhere you look in this squad but we’re not going to Russia to play on the counter-attack — we’re going to try to win.“You don’t go to a tournament thinking ‘Right, we’re only going to get this far’.  I see the confidence in everyone — I’ve got a great feeling going into the World Cup.”last_img read more