The stability of the site space is the basis of optimization of Shanghai Dragon

after the first step of understanding, we can find the space business customer service, understand the website speed, call customer service to several websites to see how to access speed, if can better trial site space three days, we can see the upload file upload speed. Here the light technology Xiaoming to remind everyone that the website space are mainly domestic telecommunications, Netcom room, such as light technology visitors are basically in Guangdong Province, we must choose the telecommunications room, if there is a double, that is the best. read more

From the site right down to the recovery process! The important role that Shanghai dragon perseveran

is not engaged in any occupation, uphold and execution will bear the brunt of this believe that everyone understand this truth, but really can do indeed few people, so what did the friend, also will experience not to adhere to the fruit and executive force eventually brought victory. For this point in the Shanghai dragon industry is the most important in Shanghai Longfeng webmaster want to understand website keyword optimization to the first page a new construction, this is not a day for two days to do, for a new station in order to achieve a better effect, the general need to adhere to 3-6 a month. This optimization process must strictly adhere to the implementation of the optimization scheme, this is a long process. As long as the correct optimization scheme will continue to receive the good effect, but if there is no strong execution and adhere to the quality, even if the optimization scheme is also good to share this is equal to 0. for the optimization of a web site on the sale of "coffee machine" achieved the final victory in the persistence and strong the execution of the fruit with you. read more