Did you know that the nternet has spawned so many professions

now, the Internet has become the focus of entrepreneurs than gold field. The reporter learned through the investigation, from the Internet to 2006, the disappearance of the occupation of more than 3000 species, and this data in 2014, has risen to 5000 kinds, in the disappearing occupation, there are also some due to the Internet industry, analyzes the once popular network sends a founder of occupation Wu Jun:


qqflash occupation

the initial network, bandwidth is not enough, the output format Flash is becoming the main transmission format video animation, Flash brings a huge business space with affinity and propagation speed and other advantages to the whole industry, spawned a hot new occupation – flash flash, who rely on their own creative ability and created a large number of high-quality animation, swept the entire Internet field, become a force in emerging industries. However, behind the network environment has become increasingly rich and colorful, flash have also gradually fade out of sight.

two occupation: the chain released


as a reference standard in the website optimization is outside the chain number, want to improve website ranking, you only need a daily non-stop for the website chain, website ranking is rushing forward, it also created a high income chain. When Baidu plans to destroy the SEO bombing of entire optimization market, the friends chain, the chain method to improve website ranking has become website optimization of the past, the chain also not brilliant, and the rest of the so-called master optimization are just clouds.

three Occupation: SMS writer

text writer known as "digital era legend occupation, when the mobile phone operators are fire, mobile phone short message service operators will be pushed to the ground, SMS writers income into the brief period before and after 2002, some even reached 100 thousand and 20 million annual salary. However, when the network enters the public participation in the network information era, to achieve explosive growth, SMS operators have been closed down, it’s SMS writers down the mountain, gradually withdraw from the stage of history.

Occupation: four

WitkeyThe concept of a

Witkey, the Internet attracted a creative market turmoil, business owners have a creative platform of choice, technical personnel have a creative platform, many investors smell sensitive network regarded him as "xiangbobo" stampede in, however, this heat and not because of its convenience and sustained how long after carry out Witkey Witkey estimated 1000, employment cost is low, some business owners are more vicious spiral, through Witkey sleight of hand, let Witkey chill. Witkey this career in the Witkey and Witkey distrust each other, eventually ushered in the transformation of the entire Witkey industry, Witkey has gradually become a past of the internet.


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