College students entrepreneurship is not a dream, shrimp rich

in today’s society, as long as you can achieve your personal value is a success, many people do not care about what to do, like the following 80 percent of College students.

. Baoshan District Luojing town agricultural entrepreneurship garden small boss Ma Lan is in a good mood: Australian Lobster growth she farmed most gratifying, lobster raised to 232, a few months, raised to 672 of the time, these will be able to market the lobster. It is hard to imagine that the breeding Park was busy small boss, was 80 who graduated from famous female university students. The day before, Baoshan District Luojing agricultural park officially inaugurated. Ma Lan on his "Lan Lan aquaculture Park" is full of confidence.

she found from the daily observation, now people love to eat green food, pay attention to nutrition collocation, planting and breeding industry has a certain market, but she had never been exposed to this industry, have ideas but no start. Fortunately, Ma Lan from the Luojing business guidance expert Wang Yiyu got help, Wang Yiyu has long been engaged in agricultural production, but also have rich experience in planting and breeding. Under his guidance, Ma Lan decided to breed Australian lobster.

however, her entrepreneurial path is not smooth. Started early this year, when the business, due to lack of experience in breeding, technology is not mature, the first batch of Australian lobster was frozen to death…… And for this batch of new lobster, the 80 percent of college students entrepreneurs confidence, now has the breeding experience, as well as technical assurance, this group will be able to raise success, to achieve sales!"

13 business site features at the beginning of this year, the city introduced to encourage entrepreneurship to employment action plan for three years. Lack of entrepreneurial venues has been a major problem plagued Baoshan District entrepreneurship. Baoshan District through the introduction of real

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