Baidu white-collar workers to give up the high salary to open a bakery

people often say that life is a multiple-choice question, in fact, life is a solution with different solutions, each person’s problem-solving ideas are different. Life is not the same choice, the choice lies in their own, not the same entrepreneurial life may have the same wonderful.

she graduated from the Beijing Jiaotong University, read the software engineering, the university when the dream is to own a cake shop, the dream has been rooted in the heart, with her four years of college. After graduating from college into the work, first in Beijing, and then fought in Shanghai.

Comparison of

in each aspect, she chose a name of Singapore’s mother baked package brand, when I asked why she would choose this in so many brands, she told us that she is seeing the franchise brand on the internet. She believes that Singapore mom baking bag brand planning perfect, through the network to understand these stores have their own characteristics, the marketing strategy of rich and colorful, word of mouth is higher than that of the other network currently on the market of other brands.

started before the analysis and consultation, by headquarters staff communication and join the project, more to help her analysis of the future of the shop recommended

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