Don’t miss the five brands – Chengdu business Hot pot

said that more than Chongqing hot pot seems to make us forget how to have a hot pot with Chongqing hot pot comparable to the brand – Sichuan hot pot. The term "hot pot" is the name of the cooker, the name of the cooker, or the technique, the method of "eating" and the unification of cooking utensils and utensils. Showing the harmony of the Chinese diet. Sichuan hot pot embodies the inclusiveness of Chinese cuisine, Sichuan cuisine is also the most representative of the characteristics of food.

Sichuan hot pot brand which good?


With the

Sichuan Hot pot from the raw material, the soup cooking techniques, difference, differences in the sum, so that the meat and grain, raw and cooked, spicy and sweet, tender and crisp cotton rotten, fragrance and mellow wonderful together. Showing a harmonious and dripping earned compatibility of the scene and the psychological feeling, to create a "get together with one heart and share the fun" culture.

seasoning unique

Sichuan Hot pot most representative of Sichuan spicy character. Authentic duck Hot pot Atsumi heavy oil, the preparation of the traditional soup is made in Pixian, Yongchuan, Ganzi spicy bean fermented black bean butter, Zanthoxylum bungeanum as raw materials. In recent years, the beer flavor, the flavor of pickled cabbage and the flavor of seafood have appeared, and different kinds of chafing dish have different chafing dish soup and different seasonings, and the quantity can reach more than 30 kinds.

Chengdu can not miss the five hot pot

1, old pier hot pot

address: No. 29 Middle Road, Wuhou District, Yulin (a second ring road)

to Chengdu will eat hot pot – Antique environment, the style of the big copper pot, long chopsticks are unique atmosphere. Different from the traditional hot pot soup, in the center, very delicious, red soup in the periphery, enough oil, hemp, spicy enough enough; comparison, yellow duck, goose intestines classic rinse dishes; small material is oil, have a distinctive flavour. Service is also good, will remind not more, very intimate.

2, Shu nine incense pot

address: Qingyang District No. 160 West Ring Road, a section of

typical Sichuan style hot pot, not the door, has been attracted by bursts of fragrance. The red squares of the other soup can be really creative dishes in different grids, convenient for taste; natural color, spicy and delicious be nothing difficult. If afraid of spicy, choose Yuanyang pot, soup is delicious, boiled vegetables very delicious. The dip is the authentic garlic oil dish, all on the table, to taste. The environment is not exquisite, but antique. The business is called a fire, waiting is commonplace.

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