Five measures to ensure social stability

north of the city to keep a clear head, solid foundation, strengthen measures to ensure that the party during the eighteen major regional social harmony and stability. First, enhance the stability of the sense of responsibility. Conscientiously implement the work of maintaining social stability teleconference spirit, strengthen the sense of responsibility, to take effective measures to actively cope with various risks and challenges, to make all kinds of security holes blocked, put all kinds of contradictions in the grass-roots unit, do advance planning, as the initiative, solve problems, a good situation to continuously consolidate and develop a stable and harmonious area. Two is to adhere to prevention. To strengthen the source of governance, in the perfection of emergency mediation, risk assessment, the working mechanism of the efforts to carry out a full range of contradictions and disputes, many aspects of the work to resolve, and strive to achieve the "early detection, dissolve, control and disposal of well target. The three is to change the idea, to stand in the position of the masses of active frontline grassroots and the masses, understand their thoughts, think and hope, sincerely for the masses to solve the difficulties in solid and effective work gets people’s recognition and satisfaction, eliminate all kinds of unstable factors. Four is to accelerate the transformation of style. Establish a sense of stability and work to ensure the improvement of people’s livelihood, strengthen the basic level, and strive to make the grassroots level to resolve conflicts and disputes, maintaining social harmony and a strong front line fortress. Five is to strengthen leadership. Fully aware of the importance and urgency of maintaining social stability, and resolutely implement the stability of the number one responsibility system, pay close attention to the implementation of the work, strengthen supervision and accountability, to ensure that the work carried out in place.


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