China’s original ecological nternational Photography Exhibition Award winners announced more than Q

Recently, the fifth colorful Guizhou · list; China original International Photography Festival Award winning photographer announced, Qinghai more than at the same time, many domestic and foreign photographers with great beauty theme of Qinghai award, Qinghai element has become a major highlight of this Photography Festival.

this photo exhibition by the Guizhou Provincial People’s government, the State Council Information Office, UNESCO, China News Agency and other units jointly organized, is a high visibility of the international cultural brand. From across the country received a total of more than 11 pieces and foreign photographers (Group) entries were selected out of natural scenery, wild animal, residential environment, folk art, national character, social life and other 11 awards. Our province’s ecological photographer Ge Yuxiu’s works, "China diagonal antelope" won the first prize in wildlife, and I also won the annual special award. I got the photographers figure Huadan "Sanjiang source Wizard", "Chen Youjun" won the Qinghai Lake naked carp two or three prize. Another reporter found that many of the entries and the award-winning works based on the beauty of Qinghai folk customs, natural scenery, plateau ecology, wild animal, the great beauty of Qinghai became more and more domestic and foreign photographers photography paradise.


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