Datong County, the town Party committee organization learning Zhang Lili, Wu Bin, comrade advanced d



2012 in the morning of September 12th, Qiaotou town Party Committee Organization held the town cadres to Zhang Li Li, Wu Bin, comrade Gao Tiecheng learning mobilization conference in the five floor room, learning to convey the deeds of Zhang Lili, Wu Bin, comrade Gao Tiecheng, and called for the excellent quality of Party members and cadres to learn their dedication, but their duty; learn from their caring, helpfulness and selfless feelings; also advocated "carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng, dedication to others, enhance their" voluntary service concept, widely participate in volunteer activities in the organization to Qiaotou town.

study on town Party Secretary of the discipline committee Comrade Wang Zhibang introduced the advanced deeds of Zhang Lili, Wu Bin, Gao Tiecheng comrade, and put forward the following requirements: is a to fully understand the importance of learning activities, to recognize Zhang Li Li, Wu Bin, is a high-speed rail era model, their deeds, embodies the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, the interpretation of the socialist core value system, create a good image of the people’s China good Zonta, to promote learning their advanced deeds as an opportunity to vigorously carry forward the spirit of lofty era model, build a bridge in the town of unity of Ideological and moral basis; two is all the members cadres should conscientiously study notes, to further strengthen the construction of learning party organization; three is seriously practice The socialist core value system, improving work style, striving to be the advanced model, and strive to achieve extraordinary results in the extraordinary position, the lofty spirit to the actual work and life, and further promote the cause of socialism development gather up the bridge in the town of spiritual power.


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