Go all out to win the fight against poverty

Although the task is arduous, heavy responsibility, a lot of difficulties, but we are full of faith to win: to carry forward the spirit of doing things in the forefront, with the love of the poor people, to win this battle to overcome poverty.That

since October last year, 330 poor villages in Datong, Huangzhong, Huangyuan City three counties have come first secretary.

in the face of barren land, irresistible natural disasters, remote and rugged mountain, outdated ideas, first secretary are not discouraged, no retreat. They told reporters: as the organization sent cadres, poverty alleviation work is our obligation and responsibility. Since you have come, we have a big, do not score, can not change the appearance, to finish the task, not troops. But the Party leadership has repeatedly warned us: "with poor people love to go to work, poverty alleviation, in effect, go ahead, do not live up to the trust of the organization and exhortations;

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