Thousands of games held in our city yesterday

In order to promote the development of sports undertakings in our city and improve the quality of life. September 12th, sponsored by the Xining Municipal People’s government, the Xining Municipal Sports Bureau hosted the third session of the Xining people’s fitness and entertainment in 2014 and the fourth community games, the Games held in the city of the elderly in the fifteenth. Nearly three people from the city’s four districts and counties of the team attended the games. It is understood that the campaign will be divided into individual, group and community collective elderly individuals, collective group of two groups, 8×50 meters, 4×100 meters medley relay, throwing sandbags, 50 meters roll hoop and a series of fitness and entertainment for the whole project, make all the contestants not only enjoy the fun of sports. And further enhance the sense of team. "It usually can have very little chance to exercise, can let us get up out of the office to participate in the games, I feel very honored, but also with so many players competing really very happy, for us is a kind of exercise, the collective is also a kind of exercise." The city district team said.  

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