Xining public security organs to crack down on nternet pornography crimes

Xining public security organs to crack down on illegal pornography, purify the network environment for the people to create a healthy and civilized Internet environment during the spring festival.

on the eve of the Spring Festival, the Xining police have carried out in the city’s two illegal dissemination of pornographic mobile phone unified action, focus on examination of the combination of the two mobile phone market 12, 3 electronic goods market, the Ministry of urban and rural information network of 75 mobile phone download pornographic information being withheld; the 4 computers, seized pornographic pictures 1683, video 1753, Xining closed pornographic websites 5, arrested 6 criminal suspects. On the Qinghai food network, Qinghai tourism network, Xining recruitment network, Qinghai friends network four security measures are not implemented, the management system is not perfect and so on to make a deadline for correction, and given a warning punishment. Strict regulation to combat Internet pornography illegal and criminal activities continue to carry out, effectively cut off Internet pornography dissemination and profit channels, make the network environment get obvious purification, information and communication order obviously specification.


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