Xining police on the night of the night seized 16 vehicles car traffic violations

June 11th, is the national launch of the creation of traffic order demonstration road after the activities of the third traffic violations centralized rectification day. That night, Xining City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment four Bingfen Road, set up in several major traffic arteries in the inspection, thorough investigation of illegal overloading and other traffic.

at 20:30 on the 11 Xu, the reporter with the Xining city traffic police detachment responsible person came to the Xining Mansion – east city traffic police brigade checkpoint, more than a dozen police and auxiliary police are looking at the roadside car. East traffic police battalion commander Cui Hao side of the vehicle, while saying: we have investigated and dealt with 4 traffic violations, basically unlicensed driving without a license." In the southern beltway highway intersection sunning checkpoint, a driver not only can not produce a driver’s license and driving license, walking with a limp; a car just roll down the window, a taste comes on, the police through repeated alcohol testing, was released after confirming the alcohol from the back seat passengers……

in the centralized inspection process for up to three hours, Xining city traffic police detachment (not including three counties) examined nearly two thousand vehicles, according to law, seized 16 vehicles overloaded, undocumented, no illegal traffic of motor vehicle inspection, temporarily driving license and driver’s license 23, the punishment on the spot of chaos whistle not wearing a safety belt, driving a mobile phone and other traffic violations since 21.


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