Qinghai village cadres on the two sessions press release

as a village branch secretary of the two provinces on the press release, really did not expect. I am on behalf of the province more than a thousand first secretary, very proud!" The day before, Qinghai province Huangzhong County Lan Long Kou Zhen Qia Yang Cun Bao Wuzhang as the first Secretary of the village press release of Qinghai province to the six meeting of the twelve NPC press conference, to the 30 media reporter Yang village rich card.

village cadres on the provincial press conference, the two provinces and cities across the country is also a new thing. This year, the village married 5 new wife door!" The day of the press conference, Bao Wuzhang with vivid and witty language introduced by tourism Yang village poverty story, reporters get point of praise: "this conference is very good, interesting and materials!"

, we put the Secretary of the village on the release of the original intention is very clear, Qinghai in earnest to practice the general secretary of the ‘four solid’ major requirements, practice at the grassroots level, highlights at the grassroots level. Talking about a bunch of numbers is not as good as a living example." Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, a responsible person said.


conference ended, Bao Wuzhang caught surrounded by reporters, face changqiangduanbao, he enthusiastically said: "we welcome the spring to enjoy the guest card Yang village, under our country new, you still want to go to that!" According to people’s daily


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