Huangyuan museum exhibits small Gaoling Museum


to further promote the spirit of Gaoling, deepening the construction of socialist core values, people of all ethnic groups, more incentive to be enthusiastic and press on enterprising spirit to join the great practice of reform and development, gather up a strong spiritual power for building a beautiful Huangyuan, happiness Huangyuan, Huangyuan county decided to set up a small pavilion in Gaoling spirit education in the county school, as the county Party members and cadres to accept the revolutionary tradition education and the mass line education base, in order to make the content more abundant, Huangyuan County for the city’s collection of exhibits.

according to reports, in 60s and 70s, Gaoling Huangyuan county people in order to change the backward production conditions, the village Party branch to carry forward the "dare to teach new days" spirit, mobilize and lead the masses, every rule of the slope gully, for afforestation, which lasted more than ten years, the more than 3 thousand acres of arid mountains into level terrace, occurrence the changes in the village turn the world upside down face, production and living conditions improved. The heroic spirit of the people of Gaoling and the difficulties and obstacles in the fight against the mountains and rivers, has affected the generation and generations of people, and played an important role in the transformation and development of Huangyuan county.

is the collection of exhibits can reflect the spirit of Gaoling, the formation and development of background information, photographs, badges, certificates, chest label, armbands, labor tools, audio and video data etc.. Can also be a reflection of the new period party cadres and people of all nationalities to learn and carry forward the Gaoling spirit, join the great practice of reform and development, the touching story of building a well-off society made brilliant achievements of the photos, manuscripts, paintings and calligraphy works, poetry, folk art works, and exhibits promotional materials behind.

exhibits solicitation, may be individuals, groups or donations can be saved in the hands of individuals, not suitable for donation, but was selected for the exhibits of archives, historical data, photos, objects, copy, copy of business consistent after the Huangyuan County museum.

has the intention to donate individuals and units can contact the Huangyuan County Museum, address in Huangyuan County, Ming and Qing Street 100, contact Yang Baolian. You can also call the hotline: 2433379, 13997019896.


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