National three zones talent training courses held in our province

9 27 to 28, sponsored by the Ministry of culture, the provincial press and publication department hosted the "district" talent support program for the implementation of cultural workers in the construction of special training courses held in the province of. Vice Minister of culture Xiang Zhaolun made a special report, vice governor Cheng Lihua attended the opening ceremony and speech.

in China’s central and western provinces, especially in outlying and poverty-stricken areas and ethnic frontier regions and the old revolutionary base areas these poor and backward areas, although the cultural venues built, cultural facilities also have, but a serious lack of professional personnel, and the gap between the eastern provinces of the construction of public cultural system gradually widening. The beginning of 2013, the formal implementation of the national "three district cultural talents" support plan, make our country poor and backward areas found to strengthen the construction of public cultural service system, so that the people truly enjoy the effective path of cultural development, break the grassroots cultural development problem.

it is understood that the training courses held in our province, as Qinghai cadres and masses of all ethnic groups set off to learn the spirit of the speech of General Secretary Xi boom, is also an important training held in the cultural construction of well-off society entered the decisive stage background, our province will be combined with the actual Qinghai, further emancipate their minds, update ideas, innovative ideas. Perfect policy, make "cultural talents three areas of work and development of the main theme of cultural integration, take the initiative to provide personnel support for the construction of green ecological barrier and green low carbon industry system, make the cultural talents special work truly implemented, and achieved better results.

During the

training, the participants went to Huzhu Tu Autonomous County to observe the scene.


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