Mayor Wang Yubo went to Huangzhong County Tian Zhai check spring plowing

  March 12th, mayor Wang Yubo, vice mayor of gold Jiuchen leadership and relevant departments Huangzhong County in the city of agriculture accompanied to Huangzhong County Tian Zhai Zhen check land preparation for spring sowing work.

Wang Yubo, the mayor and his entourage went to Huangzhong County Tian Jia Zhai Zhen Li Jia Tai Cun wheat breeding base in the fields and are planting farmers cordial conversation, asked in detail about the soil moisture, fertilizer and pesticide, seed supply, policy implementation, and further to the spring source dairy farming company, Tian Zhai Zhen agricultural supply and marketing cooperatives supply station. Inspection dairy farming operations and chemical fertilizer, pesticide and seed supply organization work. At the scene heard a report on the work of relevant departments, Mayor Wang pointed out that since last winter and spring, the relevant departments to spring agricultural production as the current rural central task, due to land preparation for spring sowing work is solid in place, this year’s spring land preparation work of a good start.

Mayor Wang stressed that through our joint efforts, the city’s agricultural production in the grasp of agricultural reserves, science and technology training, funding and other aspects of doing a lot of fruitful work, the overall situation is good. At this time, the relevant departments should grasp the work as the central link of spring plowing rural work. One is to earnestly implement the governor Luo Huining February 22nd spring agricultural production "and the research forum" the spirit of the speech, "catch" and "realistically", "grasp" the spring agricultural production, supply and marketing cooperatives should give full play to the role of the main channel of agricultural supply, all kinds of agricultural hem at the grassroots level as soon as possible, to carry out on-site service, to meet the spring demand. All relevant departments should closely cooperate to strengthen market management, in-depth agricultural counterfeiting special rectification activities to prevent counterfeit seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural machinery into the market. Two is to pay attention to play a leading role in leading enterprises. The leading enterprises in increasing farmers’ income, agricultural products sales, land transfer, industrial scale efficiency etc. plays an irreplaceable role, we should pay attention to the brand strength, leading enterprises to support efforts to make the leading enterprises of radiation led farmers to continue to intensify efforts, and constantly improve the characteristics of Xining agricultural products market share and active role in stabilizing prices up. The three is to pay attention to strengthen the organization of the farmers, the scale of the agricultural industry, product marketing and other aspects of the study, focusing on the difficulties and problems in the development of agriculture. The development of modern agriculture, but also to strengthen the support of agricultural science and technology, vigorously carry out the activities of science and technology to the countryside, the grassroots level, on-site service, advanced and practical agricultural technology to millions of households and fields. At the same time, to combine the activities of cadres to the countryside, rural cadres to seriously preach the central and provincial documents No. 1, actively carry out the work, and strive to become a grassroots work to promote the guidance and practitioners.


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