Healthy China and the sixteenth health education in Qinghai

to vigorously promote the "healthy Qinghai" construction, and carry out the national health literacy promotion action, to enhance the overall level of health literacy, from May onwards, the Ministry of health and family planning with province, prefecture and county three linkage work, 2016 to carry out the "health Chinese line" and the sixteenth session of Qinghai Province health education Wanlixing activities in the province.


Tour event to "make up healthy happy life" theme for the lead, relying on the provincial medical experts and to "Dr. green service team of high quality technical resources to health education in the state organs, into the community, into schools, into the countryside, into the enterprise, into the family, religious places to promote the mode to hold a large-scale publicity and consultation activities, carry out a health education training, set up a health education forum, held a professional academic lectures, organize a health literacy assessment, conducted a physical examination as the main content of the" six "form, wide dissemination of health literacy knowledge, science, civilized health concept and life style and skills available to thousands of households, to further improve the overall level of national health literacy.

during the event, will enter the Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Haixi and Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, the activities to the end of July.


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