Gao Yanlong won the state compensation for compensation will continue to apply for state compensatio

who is willing to own youth spent in prison, if wronged imprisonment, this youth also to spend much money for compensation? Gao Yanlong is the protagonist of this event, recently, the state compensation for Gao Yanlong, but he was dissatisfied with the amount of compensation, the matter is how, let us look at it!

with the

in January 4th this year, Gao Yanlong to the Sanmenxia intermediate people’s court to apply for state compensation. February 3rd, the Sanmenxia municipal procuratorate made a decision not to prosecute, said the fact that Gao Yanlong robbery crime is unclear, insufficient evidence, does not meet the conditions of the prosecution, decided not to prosecute the case of the prosecution of the crime of robbery and robbery, and the prosecution of the case of the crime of robbery is not clear. At this point, Gao Yanlong 24 years to redress grievances.

will continue to claim "business losses"

on the spirit of solatium, said the court, Gao Yanlong is restricting the personal freedom of a long time, work and life suffered a significant impact, the consequences should be identified serious mental damage, the spirit of solatium request for payment in accordance with the law, but the requirement of high standard (Gao Yanlong compensation fine recommended

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