Tong Qihua ‘m just a stuffed bun

the story of every successful entrepreneur is worth a careful aftertaste, the key to success lies in each of the humble links. Just like Tong Qihua claiming to be "a steamed bun", but his buns have done in the 300 million business people sit up and take notice.

this street street can be steamed food, it is difficult to make people and a big business together.

2009  in 2005, Tong Qihua founded the steamed stuffed bun brand".

2013  in, when he said, "I think steamed stuffed bun has extraordinary business potential," everyone laughed.

now, he runs the "food chain" Buns every day, sold more than   in Shanghai, Hangzhou; 20  000 buns, annual turnover of 300 million yuan. Most of the time, a month opened a new   22  home.

if these buns quality standards, or 2 hours without selling steamed stuffed bun teacher will put them all destroyed. Once, Baozipu therefore had a quarrel and customers at the door waiting in a long queue, they think they can not start early white.

Tong Qihua in those locations added several stores, but does not intend to change the set of standard processes.

the production process: suppliers should provide standard ingredients, master "bun school"

Compared to

and other entrepreneurs, Tong Qihua is more like an engineer.

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