What are the hot and dry noodles to join the brand

is one of a hot noodle shop to join the project investment in the Chinese restaurant, food culture is broad and profound, think of a child to see a cartoon called "the little masters" is to Chinese pasta as the theme of the story. In Wuhan Chinese noodles, hot dry noodles and Shanxi knife, Sichuan Guangdong and Guangxi Iraqi government side said, North Noodles with Soy Bean Paste and called China’s "five famous face". Many entrepreneurs want to join the hot and dry noodles do not know what to say, below small hot and dry noodles have joined


hot and dry noodles to join the brand which

Cai Lin, a re Gan

Cai Lin series of food not only adhering to the traditional characteristics of the times and joined the breath. In order to meet the fast pace of modern social life pace, Cai Linji in accordance with the traditional technique on the basis of scientific innovation and introduction of green products, non fried instant noodles hot sauce noodles, not only delicious, authentic taste, high quality and inexpensive and convenient. In the development of delicacy structure in the process of perfection, Cai Lin Ji gradually formed with hot and dry noodles as a leader, driven by other special snack products together with the development of production pattern, to create distinctive varieties, quality assurance, consumer convenience, cheap era of brand.

two, Mai Xiang Yuan hot dry noodles

evergreen Mai Xiang Yuan is a native of Wuhan, breakfast chain brand, founded in 1993. By Ms. Li Yajuan (Wuhan hot and dry noodles third generation descendant of entropy) investment in R & D and production, food chain, breakfast and training as one of the restaurant chain. The company adopts the chain operation, scientific management, standardized production, the main Wuhan traditional snacks, hot and dry noodles. Evergreen Mai Xiang Yuan has always been adhering to the "people-oriented, based on the local, healthy and delicious" business philosophy, become the same industry in Wuhan fully deserve the benchmark, to provide a more safe and more mellow, more authentic breakfast delicacy.

, three old friends hot dry noodles

friends hot dry noodle fast food franchise in the "integrity and pragmatic, excellence, win-win" business purpose for the customer to create a "affordable, delicious, healthy and fashionable" new dining experience, consumers and owners of satisfaction and recognition, with simple, dynamic and unique decoration style pleasant, stylish restaurant atmosphere. The application of practical and efficient advanced marketing management concept to provide the world’s most influential seasons selling products. With advanced, effective management, quality, service, health, value, loyalty to lead the market.

four, re Gan Li

re Gan Li business model changed from the initial franchise store is now around the brand as the core operation of the franchise chain form. Company for further

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