What do you want to invest in the market

do catering entrepreneurs, leaders must have the leadership of the generosity and wisdom, you know the big market in the business of the hot fool of the market is how to do the leading position of the brand? Look at Xiaobian to introduce you to do.

"fool Zhang Dapan chicken" was established, a fool founder to the south, the South found many restaurant for dinner only to receive food money, Steamed Rice eat this one detail attracted his attention: why is known for shrewd southerners in the catering business so the atmosphere? Is known as forthright said the people in the North restaurant business can not be a little atmosphere? A fool from the South back after making "the market to eat chicken, rice and pasta, soup is not limited, just eat! Drink!" try, this also is the first time in the industry, launched less than a month will get a good return, store business is booming, with the customer.

was often heard the phrase "go, go, go to the home to eat, a chicken stew, rice, noodles to eat", it was said that in the course of time, the hotel boss silly, not afterwards, estimates hold long time, more people said this is a hotel. Because the founder Zhang, so "fool Zhang DaPanJi" was born! "Just eat and drink" feelings with Zhang Dapan fool chicken gone through more than 10 years of groundless talk


The history of the development of

: a fool a fool chicken market in the beginning, after a long period of market and to some chicken were the birthplace of Xinjiang Shawan fieldwork, tasting, learning, and after repeated research and try to thaw hundreds of long, combined with the core of the soul of Henan Sichuan, scientific formula now, the formation of unique flavor, taste with the Henan people "fool Zhang Dapan chicken". "Fool Zhang Dapan chicken" was formally established in 2000 century business during the years, won the new and old customers love, good reputation, has successfully opened a number of outlets and chain stores, and were registered in the State Trademark bureau.

want to invest in the market? Fool Zhang chicken join conditions:

1, approved headquarters products

2, accept headquarters management

3, interested in long-term barbecue industry

5, there is a certain amount of funds

6, have certain financial management ability

7, with a certain vision

8, with the ability of team management

9, good interpersonal relationship in the join conditions introduced Wowo steamed


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