What is the name of washing techniques

a store you want to be able to attract more consumers, not only need good products, good service, but also need to be able to let consumers remember the store name, this will require the majority of investors can give their own shops a good name. However, many entrepreneurs do not know how such a name. In fact, as long as the master of the relevant skills, the name can be very simple. So, what are the name of the car wash?

car wash name skills 1, transliteration method


uses some foreign transliteration as car wash name will make people look very high-end atmosphere on the grade, but also need to store new, because using this method the name stores more.

car wash skills 2, named "elegant" word naming method

if the "square", "home", "garden" and "land", "Xuan" and "source" as the car wash suffix can appear more elegant high-end, more popular point, but compared to the "XX store" is better than the suffix and the "center" and "club" etc..

car wash skills 3, according to the regional characteristics of the name name

each place there are several impressive place names, if you wash just built in these places nearby, it could be used as a name, can let a person remember your name, but also can let the customer know your position.

car wash skills 4, use auspicious name name

is not an auspicious auspicious words love the car wash name is welcomed by the customers. For example, "Shun Jie washing line". However, since ancient times, a lot of shops are in accordance with the name of the method, the auspicious words are almost used up. In this way, the name, it depends on the owner of the new.

car wash skills 5, according to the characteristics of the service name name

washing line

For example,

is in addition to the care of a car wash car, also engaged in auto beauty related projects, it can be used in the name of these related words.

a store’s reputation is actually equivalent to our names, for the entire store is naturally essential. Therefore, if we want the success of the operation of a car wash, also requires the use of relevant skills, a suitable name for the store.

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