Xiamen entrepreneurial maximum loan amount

with the continuous development of economy, innovation and entrepreneurship has become an inevitable trend of the times. In life, there are more people into the wave of innovation and entrepreneurship, then Xiamen in innovation and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs can be the maximum number of loans? The following and small series of specific understanding.

Jimei district this year the second batch of loans this month to declare, each household can apply for up to 400 thousand yuan discount loan.

2015 year, Jimei District loans each year by 20 million yuan loan amount payment period of three years, a total of 60 million yuan loan amount. This year, the first batch of approved by the audit of a total of 25 people, the total loan of $5 million 550 thousand; the second batch of applications from June to declare.

As for the

discount loan amount per household per year, in principle, not more than 300 thousand yuan, special projects, business model is not higher than 400 thousand yuan, less than the current benchmark interest rate of 20%, the longest period of the loan shall not exceed one year. The interest subsidy in accordance with the people’s Bank of Chinese of the same grade benchmark interest rate loans, discount loans by special financial funds, interest rates go up part of the interest shall be borne by the young entrepreneurs.

anyone under 45 years of age, with full civil capacity, law-abiding, honest and trustworthy, no bad credit records, no violation of family planning policy, comprehensive management, entrepreneurial potential and entrepreneurial experience, the production and operation of the project has a certain market potential or entering into long-term projects, and to apply for registration of the loans in Jimei the area of permanent youth can be.

the majority of entrepreneurs, on the road of innovation and entrepreneurship, the first problem is the problem of funding, many entrepreneurs do not have enough money to cause their own business failure. Xiamen actively take relevant policies, from the actual action to help the majority of entrepreneurs, I hope in the future, there will be more innovative entrepreneurial talent!

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