Electricity supplier development which cities strong Quanzhou overtake Xiamen ranked third

Internet plus the era of electricity supplier in the popular development, has its own headquarters in every city. So, the electricity supplier development which city strong? Catch up with Quanzhou, Xiamen ranked third, the following Xiaobian together and understand, relative ranking of electricity supplier Pokka city. Ali Institute released the "2015 China City e-commerce development index report", published in 2015 Chinese electricity supplier Pokka city rankings, Quanzhou, ranked seventh in the country. The rest of the top ten cities were Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Jinhua, Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, Suzhou and Zhongshan.

Quanzhou ranked "triple jump"

this list, Ali Research Institute based on massive data Alibaba platform, the third consecutive national nearly 300 prefecture level and above the city’s e-commerce development status of a comprehensive analysis. Among them, Quanzhou ranked the "triple jump", and for the first time beyond Xiamen, ranked seventh in the country, the province’s first. It is understood that the first two comprehensive ranking of Quanzhou were thirty-fifth and eighteenth.

in addition to Quanzhou and Xiamen into the "top ten electricity supplier Pokka City, Fujian province and 6 city in the top 100 list, Fuzhou, Putian, respectively, Ningde, Nanping, Zhangzhou, Longyan.

concern is, "The Belt and Road City occupy half of the country". According to statistics, in 2015 the electricity supplier Pokka City, there are 51 in the "The Belt and Road" covers 18 provinces, in the electricity supplier Pokka city before 30, 13 is "The Belt and Road" core node of city.

according to reports, this year’s electricity supplier index upgraded the original system, covering the electricity supplier applications and electricity supplier services, the formation of Alibaba e-commerce development index city (aEDI-city)". Among them, the electricity supplier application includes two aspects of network operators, online shopping, e-commerce service includes four aspects: the electricity supplier transactions, payment, delivery and derivative services.

electricity providers continue to improve the support system

actually, the electricity supplier Pokka city rankings, Quanzhou is from 2013 to 2014 35 in the country of the 18, to this year’s national seventh, and Quanzhou city in promoting electricity supplier application, improve the electricity supplier service, create ecological circle efforts inseparable.

in February this year, the Quanzhou Municipal People’s Government Office issued a "map" of the development route of e-commerce industry in Quanzhou City, the clear line and the target of the development of electronic commerce in our city, the first half of this year, the city’s e-commerce development trend of high speed. Data show that the first half of the city’s e-commerce transactions amounted to 107 billion 940 million yuan, an increase of 50.3%; implementation of cross-border e-commerce retail export volume of about 19 million 660 thousand yuan (the recommended 96

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