2017 top ten brands of cabinets list

in a variety of Home Furnishing supplies, cabinets can be said to have played a very important role in the cabinet as part of Home Furnishing, and also the people in the decoration of a large consumer, ambry to satisfy the customer and his family in the kitchen decoration function demand and demand, complex and important. It is shown that it is necessary for the consumer to know the brand of the cabinet when choosing the cabinet. Small collection of some of the top ten brands in 2017, the cabinet list information, we hope to bring help.

2017 the latest cabinet ten brands list ranking: cobio · BOLONI cabinet

brand was established in 1999. Cobio · BOLONI has cabinet design style in Italy, and combined with the living habits and methods of using the Chinese. This production of cabinet products quickly occupied a place in the furniture market. Much loved by consumers.

2017 latest cabinet ten brands ranked the top two: gold cabinet

was founded in 1999, the cabinet was elected in 2003, the first president of the unit. As the first brand in the high-end market, the gold cabinet, so that people see the dream of home life.

2017 the top ten brands in the top of the list: Darbo Hickman

was founded in 1993, Darbo Hickman is Shenzhen City Po Industrial Development Company Limited under the brand name, is one of the earliest modern factory China production kitchen cabinets.

2017 the latest cabinet ten brand rankings ranked four: Optima kitchen

founded in 1994, Optima kitchen brand, is the first European kitchen concept China, as the leading brand in the whole cabinet. Optima has already laid the Chinese cabinets kitchen cabinet industry leading position. Strictly in accordance with international standards of production, in the raw materials of the product is also carefully selected, strict checks, really good texture and environmental protection.

2017 the latest cabinet ten brand rankings ranked five: cabinet

was founded in 1995 the cabinet brand, is the domestic large cabinets enterprises. The main products are solid wood door series, fire board series. As in the end brand cabinet is economical and high-grade decoration decoration consumer choice.

2017 the latest cabinet ten brands ranked the top six: Haier cabinet

was founded in 1997, Haier cabinet submitted the kitchen electric integration >

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