Good customer service to do which points

a shop no matter how good the goods, occupy much advantage, but if the service is not in place, it will be detrimental to the operation of the store. In short, in daily business, you account for "heaven, earth and man" is a good place, good goods, prices are moderate, and residents concentrated area, but if it is to do service work, to business transactions, is not an easy thing. To do a good job of service, but the service stores the foundation.

to serve a good customer, I think we should do the following:

do good service, in order to win the customer

with the advent of the global economy, the terminal market downturn has led to fierce competition in the retail market. As a retailer, we want to gain a firm foothold in the market, to win recognition, spread reputation, rely on our enthusiasm, sincerity, patience, we rely on a serious and responsible, positive attitude towards customers, is honest, we know how to respect, integrity management for the guests and, honest customers to retain old customers and attract new customers.

don’t argue with customers, attitude is better

don’t people say "customer is God"? Customers are the basis for the survival and development of retail business. In the daily management work, we will find that sometimes because of different viewpoints and differences, or dispute phenomenon, I think, as a business at this time, in any case can not be impulsive, but not with the customer "Diamond cuts diamond". No matter when the retail business must respect the customer, must not quarrel with the customer, without the customer, you will not have the market, the result of the dispute is: sometimes you win the argument, but it will lose the business.

The fool, don’t prevaricate


sometimes in order to achieve the purpose of sales, some businesses wantonly promote the effectiveness of goods to deceive consumers. And this cheat will eventually lose the consumer, once not recognized by consumers, you will eventually have nothing. Such a business is not difficult to understand, I hope any retail customers alert. Whether it is from the perspective of safeguarding the interests of consumers, or from the maintenance of retail store image and long-term development perspective, we hope that any retailers can be honest with consumers, not exaggerated.

do not perfunctory customers, and customers honest

What are the selling points of

products? Good quality, strong advertising is, of course, on the one hand. But I think the most important thing is to treat customers sincerely. In this era of fierce competition in the retail industry, if you do not work in place, you may lose the opportunity to sell. The sales process is a process of service

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