Enterprise soft Wen promotion can not be ignored details

easysale communication describes some details of the promotion of soft paper, as an excellent soft Wen promotion staff must master the following points, as everyone knows to do soft soft Wen promotion for soft writing is the most important basic project, high quality of soft Wen can quickly enhance the visibility and reputation of the enterprise to the enterprise website out there are a lot of weight lifting effect. Therefore easysale spread we specifically summarize some characteristics of perennial soft writing soft Wen promotion, this paper not only for the enterprise effective propaganda of some SEO work and hobbies friends on SEO skills will help facilitate.

a soft text writing the title of the soft

soft writing the most important is the title, title is the soul of soft. From the promotion of soft text and SEO point of view, the original title of the soft Wen must be original, but also has a certain creative better. Don’t copy and pseudo original because although the search engine included to give high weight website is very good, but the search engine more love and original content, net love fresh content, if a look and most online soft Wen Title almost, then it is not enough to attract people, to know that the Internet is often creative very popular, loved by the people. So do soft Wen promotion plan after the title of the soft can now search to see if the same content in the planning, in addition to a high quality of soft Wen visits are likely to receive the media area, not only is the media to reprint your approval, but also the users of your approval for the promotion of soft paper so, the importance of the purpose of promotion is probably reached half of the purpose of the soft Wen Title thus.

easysale spread note, there are many enterprises do the promotion of soft love in front of the title and the original picture, and other words, although it is easy to play eye-catching, suggesting a role for this situation, just can still, this effect can not only once outdated channel effect, it will cause the reader and even if reading may therefore give up the possibility of reading. There are times when silence is better than sound. Flood of creativity is not creative.

two, soft words and keywords distribution structure

for the promotion of soft Wen Wen Wen text is not the more the better, but to do three simple, fine, accurate. The proposed 500-1500 word is good, as long as the product description and other related information is simple and clear description of the line, the text of the text too many readers are not interested in reading. Soft text content can be interspersed with appropriate 1-3 map illustrations, which is more deeply moving, perhaps some readers will not read your information completely, but to see the picture will understand your intentions. Soft text structure suggested paragraphs should be cleared, the picture is not too large for the line, the proposed width in 400-600px on the line. We can see some soft text paragraphs do not clear, the color of a variety of clutter, the picture is not very small is very large, large occupied a layout, in fact, these details are likely to determine the promotion of soft

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