Yunnan bio enzyme successfully into the European and American markets

With the continuous development of

economy, the innovation of science and technology is needed. In the process of innovation, the relevant departments need to support and help Yunnan feed additive enzymes into the European market cannot do without innovation efforts of their own, also cannot do without the support and actively cooperate with the relevant units.

recently, the Kunming Biotechnology Co., Ltd. produced 4000 kg of lipase exports to the United States, marking the success of Yunnan bio enzyme feed additives into the European and American markets.

it is understood that enzyme feed additives products help to reduce the use of mineral feed additives and their consumption of resources.

in order to actively promote the export of biotechnology products in Yunnan, Yunnan entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau to take a number of measures to help enterprises targeted. The Council has conducted research on the enterprise, to guide the production, packaging, quality inspection, warehousing and other sectors, and make HACCP plan and SSOP training, help enterprises through the export of feed production enterprises registered in a short period of time.

because the enterprise has not handled the export business, do not understand the inspection and quarantine procedures, inspection and quarantine staff patiently guide enterprises to complete the whole process of customs clearance inspection; in addition, the Council adopted a direct release mode, saves the time of delivery and warehousing costs for port enterprises, ensure the smooth clearance of goods.

The research and development of

biological enzyme in Yunnan is of great significance. On the one hand, it is beneficial to reduce the use of mineral feed additives, on the other hand, reduce the consumption of resources. The future of China’s biotechnology will be in unity, efforts to innovate on the basis of getting farther and farther.

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