Yunnan institution personnel leave 3 years to retain personnel relations

with the country’s support for entrepreneurship, the country also launched a corresponding support policies to support entrepreneurship. In order to implement the opinions of the people’s Government of Yunnan Province on promoting the healthy and stable development of the province’s economy, recently, the Provincial Department of human resources and social services issued a steady growth of 10 measures. Provincial Department of human resources and Social Department of the relevant departments on the specific content of these policies and specific actions were interpreted.

it is reported that the Provincial Department of human resources and social "started to carry out social work service 100 enterprises special action, the province’s social department will organize hundreds of the office of the Secretary to visit service hundreds of enterprises, enterprises of social work to listen to opinions and suggestions, send the policy to send information, for the enterprise to send service to solve the concrete problems of enterprise.

in support of college, technical college graduates, unemployed workers, migrant workers and other groups of independent entrepreneurs, will help free up lending small loans, the maximum loan amount to 100 thousand yuan uniform adjustment; personal loan ratio within the basic interest rate of 3% in part by the financial discount and simplify the implementation of cultivating procedures; project two 100 thousand yuan of micro enterprises, micro enterprises investment reached 100 thousand yuan more than the scale and the actual monetary investment reached 70 thousand yuan, the government to give 30 thousand yuan of financial subsidies; entrepreneurs co founded enterprises, according to the number of partners no more than 100 thousand yuan per person, giving a total of not more than 300 thousand yuan of loans to support according to the provisions, and give discount; each year to support more than 200 labor-intensive Small and micro businesses, the new recruit qualified personnel to meet the provisions of the ratio of employment Give, not more than 2 million yuan of loans, and give a discount according to the provisions.

create "Yunnan social public record network platform

as determined by the State Council to support the development of "public record space", to build a new platform for entrepreneurship and innovation. Office of the State Council issued the "guidance" on the development of the public record space for promoting mass innovation and entrepreneurship, promote the deployment of innovative work of public business, the.

post steady subsidy policy by the end of 2020

in downtown pressure on the economy, enterprises are facing many difficulties recommended

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