Nanjing municipal government issued to promote employment and entrepreneurship 26

2015, China’s pioneering work has achieved good results. In order to further speed up the construction of the Nanjing municipal government issued the 26 to promote employment and entrepreneurship, comprehensively promote the comprehensive reform of the national science and technology system in Nanjing city construction.

to accelerate the construction of the pilot city, Nanjing national comprehensive science and technology system reform in January 7th, the Nanjing municipal government issued "to promote employment and entrepreneurship 26".

the initial business entity, Nanjing first settled entrepreneurial support policies, the government identified carrier, can provide free business site within 30 square meters or given rental subsidies. Out of the venture, to give a monthly rent subsidy of not more than 800 yuan. The use of its own real estate business, to give 300 yuan per month, such as water and electricity subsidies. The longest

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