College students entrepreneurship shop opened 8 stores a year, hundreds of thousands of Kuangzhuan

Competition exists everywhere

in today’s society, the graduating class every day to the fire ants, confused, how Ming every day went nonstop each operating point. To control the quality of products, ask the sales situation, check store hygiene, but also to the wholesale market, the procurement of raw materials, to brand promotion, study the surrounding market.

24 years old before he Ming at the Chongqing University with a major in marketing, third from the Internet when he found the name of the "Phil yogurt house" dessert chain management project, and the two made a special trip to Beijing to investigate the operation situation. He saw in Beijing, this dessert house is a new blank market, almost open a fire: a shop to sell nearly 500 cups of yogurt a day, the income is considerable. At that time he also sprouted his idea of small business.

Small business

In fact, when the "


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