Entrepreneurship in the frontier of the motherland — Xinjiang entrepreneurs say

Since 2014,

proposed double slogan since China entered a hitherto unknown entrepreneurial era, in the collaborative efforts of the whole society, all have achieved good business results. In 2015 Xinjiang issued the "Autonomous Region Party committee of the Autonomous Region People’s Government on further promoting the employment of the opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), by building a platform to further stimulate employment and entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship in Xinjiang.

out of school again

entrepreneurial dream

in the increasingly huge "off the record" in the group, Xinjiang college graduates is exceptionally bright. Many of them have had entrepreneurial experience on campus, out of school, they continue to pursue the dream of entrepreneurship.

"according to the policy, only college graduates founded the individual industrial and commercial households can enjoy tax relief policy, we establish is Small and micro businesses, after graduation can only watch helplessly but do not enjoy such a good policy," said Zhao Yuan, "now, the preferential policies extended to college graduates founded the individual owned enterprises, in 2015 we also need not pay tax."

policy link: "opinions" put forward, to promote the popularization of colleges and universities, colleges occupation education innovation, the development and implementation of entrepreneurship training project. College graduates founded Small and micro businesses, enjoy entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship training subsidies, small loans and interest subsidies, tax relief and other policies to support entrepreneurship.

ten years of entrepreneurial dream round

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