Dry cleaning brand market prospects

investment has become a way for everyone to choose a business, a variety of projects are now in the investment, the choice of a brand investment, its market prospects are more concerned about. Dry cleaning industry is also a relatively prosperous development of the industry, to join a brand dry cleaning franchise market prospects?

investment in a dry cleaners market costs and not so much lower the threshold of investment, the market risk is relatively small. The cost of investing in a small dry cleaning shop is 50 thousand yuan, and the dry cleaning industry has no pressure on the funds and the dry cleaning industry is also no inventory pressure is relatively easy to operate.

is the dry cleaning industry profits can suck many investors to join one of the important reasons for dry cleaning franchise industry, because the profit is an important condition to decide whether an industry investment value, the dry cleaning industry profit rate has exceeded 70%, so it is a more amazing return.

Thai clean new profit model, with your earnings doubled:

1.o2o mode: online orders, the line received clothes, won the 8090 consumer market

2. single mode: dry cleaning for people needed to excavate the 1 billion 400 million dry cleaning market

3. business model: hotels, bath rooms, beauty clubs and other business groups

4. membership card mode: easy access to capital, more repeat customers

5. receive clothes point mode: the establishment of a number of clothes, increase the source and market

dry cleaning industry is close to people’s daily life so demand is always there, and the dry cleaning industry in the market and the development of a relatively short time so there is a certain space for the development of people’s living standard and consumption ability for the dry cleaning industry has increased a lot of market demand.

above is about the dry cleaning industry market prospects of some of the introduction, it is worth investors to consider, choose to join the way is also more convenient. Choose the dry cleaning brand, to join the investment, the market is very broad, it is worth joining the investment.

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