Price war no money can not afford to hurt Jingdong

2012 is about to end, the end of the world did not come so the day has to continue. This year for China’s Internet is also the most thing year. Buy war, search war, price war can be described as war again and again. From the beginning of the capital boom to the subsequent investment cooling, this year for the electricity supplier giants are really tough.

giants in order to keep their position in the field of electricity supplier giant, is the relentless marketing. We do not earn more money than anyone who is more than the loss of money. Perhaps the giants are still warm but investors have already down, after all, everyone is optimistic about the emerging field of business investment, can expect from a slice. However, a round of war down to look at the performance of those who hurt, it is clear that investors can not afford to hurt, and one of the most embarrassing than Jingdong.

said that the electricity supplier war is actually the competition of family background war this year, Gome, Suning, Yi Xun and so on these rely on a strong father in the electricity supplier industry occupies a space for one person. Know a round of war, Jingdong apparently a little too much. After all, the origin of the Jingdong is not rich two generations, can only be everywhere to recognize dad financing to maintain its status quo.


I cried the worst you earn up to

Liu Qiangdong once shouted within three years of zero gross profit, the Jingdong will carry the banner to the electricity supplier fray. Have to say, Jingdong is the most adept at price war. Almost all of the price war is the Jingdong fear, each time also was beaten scars. However, all this Jingdong can endure. Jingdong believes that day will be down to the great man also must suffer the labor of their bones. Those investors also think so at the beginning, but then it is not calm.

Because of

, single day sales this year when double eleven Taobao Tmall reached 19 billion 100 million, then came the Taobao Tmall’s annual sales have exceeded trillion! Such sales, but who will not calm. We seem to see the hope of electricity providers, but also firmly believe that the electricity supplier to make money.

, however, excited at the same time, as well as investors have begun to reflect on the Jingdong, the price war has been playing so I’m afraid it is not the case. I cried the most fierce, the most serious injuries you can earn the most. An investment in exchange for a loss, cash flow is a problem, the date of listing is in sight. This thing is not a light mouth on the line, the investment has been thinking about quitting, after all, here is not to make money, he bought a horn to let him call light, the results have a battery charge.

electronic business platform has unwittingly become a basic service, the money has not earned. Obviously, Jingdong mall has been hurt.

Everything is nothing to make money is really

often pay attention to the electricity supplier’s friends know, eleven of the big promotion, Taobao Tmall’s huge

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