Tencent electricity supplier of the road from the active investment to draw to helpless abandon


DoNews March 11th news (reporter Zhou Qinyan) from Tencent in 2005 on the first line of electricity supplier project pat Network, Tencent has been working in the field of electricity supplier for nearly ten years. While sitting on the mass of users and traffic, but the Tencent business development pace has been slow to March 10th announced the investment of Jingdong, Tencent with a shrewd deal to sell its electricity business assets, return to the main core business.

back to see the electricity supplier Tencent Road, experienced from the construction of the C2C platform, to participate in the investment, the acquisition of a number of vertical electricity supplier companies, and then give up their own construction, the electricity supplier business to the allies process.


Tencent industry fund director Peng Zhijian said that in 2010 before the electricity supplier no clear plan, then why choose to invest in electricity, more flowering, is because the Tencent users think that the electricity supplier is a very important life scenes on the Internet, and the use of the high frequency of the life scene is enough to support the independence of the new the platform and ecosystem, the ecological pool, including online trading, user payment, Internet banking, big data and cloud services, as well as the extension of the ecological flow, if the ecological system is not Tencent will be very dangerous.

Tencent so that the acquisition of the company’s investment strategy into the field of electricity providers, the company hopes to borrow from its investment in order to train users in the online shopping habits of Tencent platform, the accumulation of electricity supplier traffic. From the beginning of 2011, the Tencent began to invest heavily in commercial enterprises, easy fast network, friends network, F group, good music to buy, Kelan diamond mesh, mother network, hit the network so have reverted to the Tencent’s. According to incomplete statistics, Tencent participated in at least 20 companies, including online travel and mobile providers, including e-commerce companies.

But the domestic

vertical electricity supplier can not be solved due to high traffic costs, unable to provide competitive products and services for users to decline quickly, the Tencent investment including friends, good music to buy, also the gradual loss of competitiveness, market share is a comprehensive business platform erosion.

followed by the rapid arrival of the general trend of the move, Tencent has finally determined to return to the core business, including mobile communications, social, etc., and will be forced to operate the electricity supplier to people who are more adept at doing. Electricity supplier analyst Lu Zhenwang said that Tencent has been trying to build a mobile phone WeChat O2O and online shopping super entrance, entrance requires some key applications. The use of Jingdong to shopping crowd and frequency is very large, Jingdong is a huge user sticky board, as the entrance of great value.

Lu also said that after the completion of the Tencent’s investment in Jingdong, Tencent and Ali will form two major camps. Judging from the camp of Tencent, has been included in the public comment and Jingdong, the future will attract more companies to compete with ali. (end)

affiliated Tencent acquisition and investment in the electricity supplier companies:

first class: vertical or zone >

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