Adsense network broadcast Ali Limited Edition iPhone 6 sold $2 million Ma, China’s richest man

1 Alibaba fell by $4.26% market capitalization of $10 billion  


September 23rd news, after the first day of listing rose nearly 40% after the closing of the stock price fell on the day of the Alibaba, the closing price fell by 4.26%, to $89.89 per share.

in Beijing on the opening night of trading in stocks, the Alibaba opened to $92.64, slightly lower than the first day closing $93.89, intraday trend downward, the minimum fell to $89.5, the highest price is only $92.95.

experienced 169.224000 shares after the volume, Alibaba eventually closed at $89.89 per share, down $4 compared to the first day closing price, down by 4.26%. Market value loss of $10 billion 50 million.

2 SARFT new deal was demonized, Internet TV is not a free competitive market  

I remember in 2013 when OTT

, the three letter is very hot, many people exclaimed: the first year of OTT to OTT, but the three letters is what meaning, not all people can understand. Anyway, OTT is very high, a box would dare to replace cable piracy piracy or something, to subvert the television.

According to the

chip shipments forecast by the end of 2013, the OTT box is not less than 10 million, not the year has sold 50 million sets in 40% smart TV network, the development momentum is very fierce, at the end of 2014 could be more than 33 million households of IPTV, there are 230 million users of cable television impact.

OTT is the original OVER THE TOP, who is TOP? Why OVER?

barbaric growth of the Internet has never afraid of authority, only this time they hit the SARFT

3 movie download station 0ABT domain name was replaced by Hold Universe Movie 

into the closure of the storm, has now returned to normal. According to sources, everyone’s film and Television Resources Download Station 0ABT (I love P2P), domain name is not accessible Hold. In this regard, its official Bo announced that the OABT domain name changed to universe, hope to communicate with each other.

this Sunday, there are users reflect: hang it? How yesterday to today can not open". Small series is now the official website of the domain name, has jumped to 114 navigation site. Through the "Chinese Whois information query, registration at the end of December 2009 the domain name, the domain name for clientHol> status display

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