We have to learn to accept the real name system slowly

recently, the topic of the real name system once again into the public view. The first is the end of January, the implementation of real name system, Ningxia moderator in Gansu province two. After that, Jilin province also announced to moderators of the real name system, and a clear thread will be sent after the first trial. In February 15th, the Ministry of public security organ of the people’s public security "newspaper" published a long article, for the first time to confirm the moderator in the promotion of national name system. In February 18th, Chongqing became the fourth publicly announced the promotion of moderators of real name system of provinces and cities. February 19th, Beijing announced the end of the year to achieve the city’s Internet cafes electronic real name registration. These places the real name system first move, indicating a wide range of network real name system asymptotic.

public for real name system is not unfamiliar, the real name system of savings, stock trading real name system, the real name system and many other real name system, has penetrated into the public life. May be because we have too many real name system in real life, the public for the virtual world of the real name system doubts. The first blog real name system is not popular, after the mobile user ID card does not support, and more netizens oppose forum name system. Some netizens posting said, is not to engage in the real name system on the toilet.

who can not think of is that the Internet users for the real name of the Internet and the irony of the vent – on the toilet to engage in the real name system, but now it has become a fact. According to the "Chinese daily" reported recently, Finland. Also the "real name system": Finland Highway Management Bureau recently to the part of the highway roadside public toilet installed a new electronic lock. If you want to use these public toilet, you need to send a short message to open the toilet door. The toilet is also the real name system, why is this? Said the main purpose is to prevent theft and arson case. In the event of a crime, the police can track the phone numbers stored in the system.

For the toilet also is not the real

, after dinner talk or laugh, which contains the essence of the real name system, can prevent and deter some criminals engaged in spreading false information, fraud, create social panic and social conflict; can make the bad to using anonymous unscrupulous means and tools to do bad things. In fact, many of the management departments, including the network management department is keen to implement a variety of real name system, it is in this regard.

recently, the network real name system with an irresistible swept, a very important reason and network nowadays make the raise a Babel of criticism of pornographic incident are not unrelated. Originally, the implementation of network real name system is a weapon against pornography on the Internet, and in the Ministry of public security and other 13 departments jointly smitten Internet porn focused action, star pornographic crazy on the network, which will further strengthen the implementation of the relevant departments to the network real name system.

real name system is not China’s patent, but international practice. In some developed countries, the name is a person’s brand. Personal economic credit, criminal records, enjoy benefits, income level, how much tax, and personal names are closely linked. At the same time, the Internet real name, mobile phone real name, has also been widely recognized by the general public. It can be said that the real name system is the network >