Broadcast Sina micro-blog Taobao web version released Taobao shop or not to pay taxes

1 Ali ban WeChat marketing applications will be forced to part of the transformation of

DoNews July 31st news (reporter Lu Linjia) well-known e-commerce industry Lu Zhenwang on the afternoon of 31 through its certification micro-blog claimed that Alibaba will cut off all sources of WeChat, WeChat led some companies were forced to face the transformation of amoy.

Alibaba responsible person confirmed the news in an DoNews reporter line, the responsible person said that the prohibition of marketing applications for WeChat is to further enhance the consumer experience.

it is understood that, in the Taobao service platform, WeChat class marketing applications there are ten, this part of the marketing company has been facing the pressure of transformation, and previously provided services have been suspended.


2 ah q or lead to spark a conflict accidentally giant War: who


July 31st electricity supplier Lu Zhenwang micro-blog broke the news that Ali issued a notice to cut everything from the data interface WeChat source. He estimates that Ali’s move is to pave the way for micro-blog and Taobao Tmall cooperation.

followed by the official release of Alibaba responded that the consumer is to protect the user’s feelings and control the risk of transactions. And in the announcement that the WeChat team in the near future has also introduced a number of restrictions on the sale of Taobao products and Taobao sellers on WeChat to protect the feelings of micro credit households. Li Mingshun, founder and President of good loan network Ali is not optimistic about this behavior and said: " if true, Ali is an absolute violation of the spirit of the Internet Internet Co. "


The new

3 Small and micro businesses tax free shop or escape the tax department of misreading Taobao

a tax-free new deal seems to make the electricity supplier platform sellers saw the battle victory hope. The State Council recently announced a new policy that, starting today, will be small and micro enterprises in the monthly sales of not more than 20 thousand yuan of value-added tax small-scale taxpayers and business tax payers, temporarily exempt from value-added tax and business tax. But in the electricity supplier sensitive people, this "tax deal" is much more than the amount of tax savings 2800 yuan hard-earned money.


4 online pharmacies blue ocean is not blue: there is no earnings Kyushu Jingdong broke up

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