Why people must be home light company 58 city and between the two parties

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on Thursday and Ge brother to participate in the 58 Yao Jinbo dry cargo sharing, on the way back, a Ge car seat, chatting to 58 another competitor people network, said 58 of the weight and the people who have their own light, what secret. Because the day before yesterday, has shared Yao Jinbo’s pioneering talk about this time, dry cargo, Internet cafes, people.

domestic classified information website "boss" of the 58 city in October 31st successfully landed on the NYSE, outstanding academic performance, many rings around poly one, this one of its main rivals, people network, really mixed.

nature does not need to say much about their opponents, the listing and financing of listed companies, the strength of the enhanced visibility expanded, this is not a good thing. Hi is 58 in the U.S. stock market success, that even rivals on a bright road on the right, the capital and consumers to a certain extent, expanding the market of the classified information industry attention and optimism. China is so big, it is not as long as a 58 city can cover all the needs.

before the listing, the market China classified information is the 58 city Ganji, people network, but in fact, such a situation of tripartite confrontation, "three foot" was divided into two factions, one faction is well-known big 58 city and Ganji, a representative classification information fundamentalist people network, Chinese version of Craigslist.

58 city in the United States prior to the listing, there are some local media called the Chinese version of the Craigslist. But 58 city do not even think so, it is in the prospectus clearly positioned itself as a local online market, Ganji is also probably true. But people always adhere to their own "fundamentalist" faith, to defend the United States classified ads website originator Craigslist mode of operation, will be classified as their core business, through the information flow aggregation and management make the second-hand goods / second-hand car trading / job / housing needs in the most simple way to complete the transaction people online.

58 largest city and two people network difference is that a "heavy", and the other a "light", like "The Legendary Swordsman" in Airbender and gladius. 58 city has long been away from the Craigslist model, it is more like Taobao, to create a local life platform, sales of services, has its own set of credit system. The classification of advertising model actually has been marginalized, such as 58 city, its profit model mainly rely on online advertising and membership fee, but the data released before the listing is 60% of its revenue from membership fees, only 38% from the online promotion expenses.

to collect dues, support this growth, there must be a flow of support, there must be large-scale businesses face push, which requires huge manpower and capital investment, and the investment be? Last Thursday at the horse training camp and Yao Jinbo dialogue, he said such a words "we in 2011"

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