Artificial translation site myGengo first round financing $5 million 250 thousand

September 28th news, according to U.S. media reports, the global artificial translation platform myGengo website recently raised $5 million 250 thousand in A round of financing. Investors include sub investment company Atomico and angel fund 500 Startups. The company said it will use the new funds to enhance marketing and sales and expand the engineering team in the United states.

along with the round of financing, Atomico partner Hiro Tamura joined the board of directors of myGengo.

by the CEO Robert Laing in 2008 to create the myGengo website, the company and individual customers to provide artificial translation services. The site currently has more than 3000 interpreters. The site provides customers with a free localized editor, but also to provide developers with API, convenient for any website or service to enter the myGengo platform.

is currently the translation of the site’s clients include Volkswagen and Audi financial services, Evernote, the Japanese Tourism Bureau and notebook accessories manufacturers such as ELECOM.

myGengo services a total of 15 kinds of languages, shortly before the opening of the Arabic translation business.

previously, myGengo has raised $1 million 750 thousand from 500 Startups and 12 international angel fund investors, including Mitch Kapor, Team Europe Ventures and Point Nine.

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