Nearly thousands of servers trapped in Beijing tens of thousands of websites paralyzed

"new moon power empty! More than and 20 customers gathered at the Yizhuang Netcom room! The police have arrived at the scene!"

Netcom has no right to detain the customer service in the cable."

in the cable is a big liar

should be considered to report to the Public Security Bureau

The "new moon power" and "cable" post was the top

in the Post Bar be in full swing! What is it?


Yizhuang Beijing Netcom data center, one of the well-known server hosting data center in Beijing. Its good network resources, and a good computer room environment, has been favored by many server hosting users. Many IDC companies also see here, so they use the package room and cabinet or Netcom cooperation, in flight and will sell to customers managed bandwidth.

new moon power is one of the IDC company. But in the end of April 2008, the "new moon power" server hosting customers but also how can call room phone! So the customer came to Yizhuang Netcom data center, a look. In the customer requirements to enter the computer room to maintain the server, but Netcom staff blocked in the door.

server, usually through remote connection to manage, but if the remote connection does not respond, or the server system problems must be solved on site. Yizhuang Netcom’s customers are needed to deal with server failure, why I want to see their servers are not? Originally, new moon power company had "deserted"! A new moon power employees are not! Netcom unable to confirm the identity of customers, so we can not let these customers enter. Of course, be able to prove the ownership of the server is a way, so the customer took out a contract, authorization and a series of evidence. After several negotiations with Netcom, and finally into the computer room maintenance server.


Netcom customers enter the agreed maintenance, but when customers come up with server hosting contract are perplexing, the contract of the party, also is to provide hosting services company is "cable" instead of "new moon"!! this means that these customers do not have sufficient evidence to prove his power relationship and the new moon! So why the contract is in line, but the company is new power


cable is a relatively early and Netcom cooperation of a company, in 2003 will be in the Netcom data center rented a room to provide server hosting business. Through a period of operation, and relatively cheap price, has a number of customers. New moon power is a new company in 2007 and Netcom, but the cooperation of the computer room in Netcom two. The two companies seem to have nothing to do with each other, and they seem to be rivals". Legal cable, new moon power companies are the same person: Bai Xinwen


guest of junior high school in 2008

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