From the beginning to learn to do the profiteers shop today

open shop, a few years ago quite profitable, but now open shop too many people, can not make money. Is this really the case? gentle knife in March this year, only to open his pigg Cola T-shirt, although not particularly prosperous business, but a month to sell thousands of pieces or. As he puts it, "from a personal point of view, there is a little bit of a big market. Like street shop, his market is not large, but you can."

shop do not make money, the key is to look at the seller as to grasp business opportunities profitter. What is the dealer? On the basis of integrity, to buy some goods to sell at high prices in the opportunistic way, the lack of this region, profiting from the merchant, called daoye. The whole process, the choice of goods is also a good project choice and even more important than the later management and business promotion. The project is a valuable commodity, decide whether or not you make money. Of course, what will sell to make money, what to sell will lose money. Seize the advantage, good at business, identify your target customer base. These are indispensable, but it can not be denied, "no one I have, I have gifted people." The idea that has become the most basic online or offline shop, but also to do important principles.

in the online shop, has to do profiteers consciousness. Not all suitable for online sales of goods are suitable for personal shop sales. The direction of choice to remember when reselling items profitter.

first rarity, so that others do not, there are others that you, your expensive, but cheap ", you stand in an invincible position a. Choice of goods must not be able to choose the goods that can be bought everywhere, since the goods can be bought everywhere, why buyers have to buy you, plus your mailing fee, certainly more expensive than elsewhere. Even if you can sell, but also can not make money. If you want to find something rare, it is natural that someone will pay you for your goods. Here we also use the differential competitive strategy.

followed by the use of regional price differences to make money. Many commodities in different regions, the price difference, such as appliances, Guangdong and other coastal city is much cheaper than inland, and the collection of   in the ancient capital city (Beijing, Xi’an, Luoyang) and is much cheaper than on the coast, so you should focus on your own side, while the other side is not there the goods, so as to sell a good price for  ! Here is the cost leadership strategy.

finally, do not do health, try not to get involved in you are not familiar with, if you love the manual, love cross stitch, love hand-painted, love creative things, may wish to open a related DIY shop. Specialty shops are popular everywhere. Because of the characteristics of small things, so easy to attract people. If you are very good at photography, like digital products, regardless of whether they have a physical store, you can try in this regard. The most important thing is to become an expert in this field. Active response

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