Domain investment weathervane Look at what rice farmers did in 2014

renamed China ( January 16th hearing, although 2014 has been quietly over the past more than half a month, but as the saying goes, "people, gains and losses; learn from history, one can know". Understanding of the 2014 counterparts in the domain name what to do, what kind of domain name is more popular, but also on the direction of the investment in 2015 is more sure to develop a reasonable investment plan.

domain name registration

1, domain name domain name

figure: 2014 new registration CN domain type scale figure

according to the relevant data, either in COM or CN and NET domain name, domain name, domain name letters (Note: letter names including Pinyin, English, letters and other pure, the same below) are in CN, COM, NET respectively in the domain occupied the absolute advantage 67.157%, 54.670%, 44.179% to become the biggest winner in 2014 fully deserve the.

the reason, because Chinese people remember and enter the habit of phonetic domain naturally become the domestic domain name trading market "evergreen tree", love by domain name investors and terminals, and letter names because simple, multi station, a wide range of meaning occupies a space for one person in the domestic market, although single double COM/CN, domain name rising price for many investors, but this does not prevent them for a little longer 4, 5 letters and other COM domain name suffix chase.

figure: 2014 new registration COM domain type scale figure

after the letter names of non digital domain with global universal, and its proportion in CN, COM, NET in the domain were 21.920%, 23.916% and 42.703%.

in 2014, can be said to be the digital domain name the most crazy year, not only those 2 numbers, 3 numbers for the COM/CN domain name in hot pursuit, the soaring prices of 5 numbers, even before the 6 many investors a contemptuous disregard the digital domain name has ushered in his "spring", the number of registered high. In April, for example, the number of COM domain names registered in the month far exceeds the letter COM domain name, registration ratio up to 71.224%.

figure: 2014 new registration NET domain type scale figure


domain name suffix Wynn

suffix in the domain name, COM domain name as the absolute leader in the domain name, the status can not be shaken, the number of registered far more than other suffix domain name. Among them, the number of registered COM domain name than the CN domain name more than 6.478%, more than the NET domain name of about 82.265%. And more people like the country domain name CN domain name and another country >

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